January 24, 2024
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Discover the Best Free Proposal Software

Discover the Best Free Proposal Software which has more features than just proposals - automate proposals, invoicing and payments all in a single platform with Cone
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As a small business on a budget, the search for the best free proposal software can be a challenge as there aren’t many. Proposals are an important part of your business, and you are actively looking for the best free proposal software? The internet offers several options out there, but identifying the best free proposal software is daunting.  

What if we say there is a free proposal software that helps you streamline proposals, invoices and billing all in a single platform? Yes, Cone free proposal software can do that for you. 

In this article, let us understand what proposal software is in a bit more detail and how a proposal software can make proposals super simple for you.  We'll also learn about Cone-free proposal software that is incredibly easy to use for businesses and freelancers alike. 

Overview of a Proposal Software


A proposal software is a software designed to help create, manage, and track business proposals. While there are many paid and almost zero to only one free proposal software i.e. Cone.

Features of a Proposal Software include templates, customization options, collaboration, document tracking, and analytics among others. As a bonus, there is Cone - one of its kind free proposal software which offers features like invoicing and billing way beyond just a proposal software.

These proposal tools, when used perfectly, give way to forming an effective and professional-looking proposal, especially for budding small businesses and freelancers. 

Why is Free Proposal Software Important For Small Businesses And Freelancers?

Small businesses and freelancers who are new to the industry often lack investment and in such cases, free proposal software comes in handy. Yes, it is natural to actively search for free proposal management tools. Proposal softwares prove to be very important for small businesses and freelancers as they provide them with much-needed benefits like saving time on proposals, professionalism, legal protection and setting the right client expectations. You can learn more about how to write a business proposal here as crafting it the right way is key to success.

Pandadoc, Proposify and Qwilr are some of the various paid proposal software available on the market. But, for the businesses seeking a free proposal software, Cone is a clear winner.

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Best Free Proposal Software - Cone

You might have gone through other options, but we’re here to make a case as to why Cone can be a perfect fit for you. Here are the top reasons why we are sure you will find Cone as a no-brainer choice for free proposal software(< 5 proposals per month). 

When it comes to the best free proposal software for small businesses nothing can beat Cone’s proposal-to-payment software. With its intuitive platform, it automates proposals, invoices, and payments, saving over 40 hours monthly. Its standout features include a versatile template library, e-signatures, automated invoicing, automated billing, and proactive contract renewals. Compared to competitors, Cone excels in its comprehensive approach, offering unmatched customization, seamless integrations with accounting software, top-tier security measures, and extensive invoicing and payment options well suited for the needs of small businesses and freelancers. 

Watch the capabilities of Cone’s free Proposal and Billing Software below:

Why does Cone stand out as the Best Free Proposal Software?

Proposal the way you want - Flexible editor 

Proposal editor

Cone's standout feature lies in its customization options with the flexible editor, offering users a wealth of tools to tailor proposals precisely to their brand and client needs. It's a comprehensive editor that allows you to tweak logos, attach videos and PDFs, and add testimonials. Be creative and deliver your proposal the way you want. Move, edit, or delete sections and customize the proposals.

Template Library

Template library

Cone's Template Library offers diverse templates, ensuring users have an expansive selection across industries(like marketing, freelancing, accounting, etc.) and proposal types. Cone's Template Library stands out with its vast selection of over 100 professionally designed templates like Freelance Graphic Design Proposal Template, Bookkeeping Contract Template, Accounting and Tax Services Proposal etc. Sign up today!

Collect payment information upfront

Payment info

You can easily collect upfront deposits from customers with Cone on the proposal itself. At the time of signing the proposal, you can request and collect the required payment information like credit card or ACH or direct debit, ensuring that you receive the necessary funds before providing your goods or services.

Automated Invoicing


Cone's invoicing system is a powerhouse, simplifying billing processes with its automated and efficient approach. From generating invoices for signed proposals to ensuring timely billing regardless of varying schedules, Cone takes the hassle out of invoicing. It's automated billing, coupled with extensive payment options, ensures businesses never miss an invoice and clients can pay seamlessly. If you just happen to be a freelancer and interested in the invoicing software, you can learn more about them here. If you want to learn more about how to invoice as a freelancer, it’s covered here.

While others might handle basic invoicing, Cone’s Best free proposal software for business automates the entire invoicing cycle, from proposal to payment. Its emphasis on seamless billing and diverse payment options gives Cone an edge, ensuring accuracy, timeliness, and ease throughout the invoicing process, making it a standout choice for businesses seeking efficient office management software. Sign up today!

Billing and Payments

Client billing

From direct debits to credit/debit cards and ACH methods, Cone's payment options are a game-changer, offering a versatile choice to suit diverse preferences. Cone's comprehensive payment methods cater to varying client preferences and business needs. It's a one-stop solution ensuring hassle-free transactions. If you want to learn more about 

By accommodating multiple payment methods, Cone ensures convenience for both businesses and clients. This diverse payment approach, setting Cone apart as the best free proposal software for small businesses, ultimately simplifies the invoicing and payment processes, making it a standout choice in the realm of office management software.


Accounting integrations

Cone stands out as the champ in integrating with accounting software, effortlessly syncing with various platforms to streamline your workflow. Its seamless integration capabilities mean it plays nice with accounting tools like QuickBooks, Xero, and Zoho Books, making data exchange a breeze. 

While other proposal software struggles to connect, Cone's ability to smoothly integrate with multiple accounting systems gives it the upper hand as the best free proposal software, simplifying your processes and ensuring a harmonious experience across your software ecosystem.

Modern User Experience

With intuitive design at its core, Cone's user-friendly interface makes navigating through the platform an effortless experience. Its streamlined layout ensures quick adaptation, allowing users to effortlessly explore the multitude of features without any high learning curve. The interface is thoughtfully crafted, presenting a clean and organized dashboard that prioritizes ease of use making it the best free proposal software. 


Cone free proposal software takes data security seriously, setting the bar high with measures to safeguard user information. It's SOC-2 Type-1 compliant, and independently audited to ensure adherence to stringent standards covering Security, Availability, Processing Integrity, Confidentiality, and Privacy. Cone's commitment to GDPR compliance further solidifies its dedication to data protection, guaranteeing adherence to the comprehensive data privacy regulation within the European Union.

Support and Customer Service

Customer support of Cone free proposal software stands out as a pillar of reliability and assistance. With a commitment to user satisfaction, Cone offers quick support channels, ensuring users receive timely and effective assistance whenever needed. Cone prioritizes user queries through live chat, call, email, or comprehensive FAQs, providing prompt and helpful responses.


Cone is one of the best free proposal software because it is also FREE for customers who do less than 5 proposals per month. For volumes > 5 proposals per month, it’s priced at 10$ per user/month. It fits perfectly for the needs of a lot of small businesses and freelancers and is one of the best proposal management softwares out there. 

There are other paid software options that do not even come close to the comparison of its features. If you are looking for the best free proposal software that offers not just proposal capabilities, but way beyond, then Cone free online proposal software is your ideal choice. 

Why Cone Is The Best Free Proposal Software For You?

Free Proposal software 

Offers powerful features at 0$.

Collect payment details on Proposal 

Makes collecting payment information hasslefree.

Send impressive proposals 

Send branded proposals that make you class apart.

No invoicing and billing headache 

No more creating invoices manually. Automate client billing.

Sign up today!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How to create a software project proposal?

One can create a software project proposal in two ways. One way is to do it manually and the other way is to make use of free proposal-creating software like Cone. People also use paid software for their job sometimes. 

  1. What is a proposal software?

Proposal software is a tool designed to create, send, and organize business proposals. It offers features such as customization of proposals, e-Sign, tracking and renewals of proposals.

  1. How to find proposal software?

To find good proposal software, start by going through reviews, blogs, reddit and talking to other businesses in your industry. You should focus on your needs and search for free proposal software with features that adhere to most, if not all your requirements. 

  1. Which software is best for writing a proposal?

Top 5 best proposal software options are Cone, Pandadoc, Proposify, Qwilr and Nusii. However, if you are looking for a free proposal software, Cone is the best choice.

  1. Does the best free proposal software for projects include collaborative tools?

Typically, yes. Many free proposal apps offer basic collaboration features, enabling team members to work together on project proposals.

  1. Can the free proposal software be used for various business types?

Yes, the best free proposal software for business caters to different industries, allowing customization to suit various business needs.

  1. Are there limitations on the number of users in the best free proposal software?

Free versions may have user limitations, while paid plans often offer expanded user access for larger teams or businesses.

  1. What app can I use to write a business proposal?

A proposal software can be used to write a business proposal. Not only proposal software helps in writing a business proposal, but also offers other features like track, e-Sign and manage the proposals.