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Cone is a powerful software suite that offers easy-to-use and cost-effective business management and proposal tools. With us, running your business is a breeze.
Close deals faster

Cone Proposal-to-Payment

Send impressive proposals, e-Sign, and put your billing, invoicing, and payment collections on auto-pilot, all in one unified platform.
Price quote tool
Billing and payments
Pre-built templates
Dashboard mockup
Save time and money

Cone Business Management Software

Automate repetitive tasks and streamline collaboration by bringing teams, clients, and data together on a single dashboard.
Document sharing and e-Sign
Client apps
Billing and payments
Unified inbox
CRM tool
Dashboard mockup

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No more monotonous, repetitive tasks for you

Automate repetitive tasks and workflows for critical business functions allowing you to complete tasks faster with fewer errors. 

More ways to improve your revenue stream

Get the right tools to improve your bottom line by increasing efficiency, enabling better decision-making, and identifying new revenue opportunities.

Don’t compromise on customer experience

Achieve a greater customer experience by reducing wait times, improving response time, and enabling personalized interactions.