WorkOS from the future for  Professional Service Businesses

A purpose-built platform for Accounting, Legal, Marketing, Freelancers and more, designed to send impressive proposals, provide exceptional service to customers, deliver projects on time and within budget always. Replaces multiple products into unified workflow - great experience, huge savings.
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For all professional services


Send impressive proposals, e-Sign, and automate your invoicing, billing, and payment collections.

For accounting and tax firms

Practice management

All-in-one solution that replaces dozens of apps with a powerful one to help you run your accounting firm effortlessly.

For legal and law firms

Case management

Solution for legal firms, for client intake, CRM, Proposals, e-Sign, Documents Management, Matter Management, Messaging, Time, Billing, Invoicing.

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Why Cone?

No more software fatigue

Streamline your workflow effortlessly with Cone and stop juggling multiple apps - the all-in-one solution that replaces multiple apps like Proposal software, Document Management System, Forms, Project Management System, Time software, Billing, Invoicing, and more.

Deliver exceptional customer service

Elevate your client experience with a modern, branded client portal that enhances collaboration, visibility and builds stronger client relationships.

Projects on auto-pilot

Experience the ease of projects on auto-pilot with streamlined project management and workflow automation.

Never deliver a project in loss

Manage your team’s day-to-day capacity, track time and avoid scope creep. Deliver on time profitably.

Manual invoicing is a thing of the past

Automate the invoicing process, you'll never miss an invoice again. No matter your billing schedules, count on us to invoice on time.

Save at least 100$ per month/user

Discover significant savings for say, your 10-member team - over $12K annually. Boost your bottom line and maximize your ROI.
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