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Affordable Productivity Tools for Marketing and Advertising Agencies

Agencies face many challenges, including managing clients and projects while handling administrative tasks such as HR management and accounting. Fortunately, technology has provided a range of productivity tools that can assist in streamlining these tasks and putting them on autopilot. Ready to increase efficiency and productivity? Read this blog to learn how!

You’re missing out! Top productivity tools for Legal Firms

As a partner, juggling legal work and business tasks can be stressful. How about saving time from the admin tasks of your business? In this blog post, we'll discuss the importance of productivity tools for lawyers and legal patners and provide examples of solutions you can explore.

Are overdue payments always on your mind? Here's what you do about unpaid invoices

Dealing with overdue payments can be a challenging but necessary part of running your business. Read on to learn the best practices to avoid overdue payments. A little surprise for you, find your free copy of the payment communications template in this blog.

Looking for an affordable e-signature tool? Top 5 alternatives to DocuSign

Small businesses and Service Professionals like accountants and legal firms, and marketing agencies use tools like Docusign to streamline the signing of legally binding documents. E-signature tools help companies to reduce paperwork, speed up the signing process, and improve efficiency. This blog explores 5 alternatives to Docusign and lesser-known tips to consider while choosing a tool to securely create or draw a digital signature.

10 must-have affordable productivity apps for accounting firms

We've rounded up the top productivity applications to boost your business productivity. In this blog, we'll focus on how to automate business workflows to streamline productivity, the different types of tasks you can automate, how to choose the right tools, and our top picks for the best tools available in the market.

Facing scope creep? Here’s what you can do to manage your projects better.

To build a process, you must first know the gaps that allow scope creep. In this blog, let's talk about instances when scope creep can occur without you noticing and some of the best practices other service professionals and businesses employ to overcome.

8 tips to consider while choosing an e-signature tool

E-signature tool is a winner compared to wet signatures. They are legally binding and enforceable (equivalent to wet signatures). However, you should carefully evaluate the tool. In this blog, let’s review some key things to remember while assessing an e-sign tool.

Cone Proposal-to-Payment: Winning more deals and getting paid is now easy

Create winning proposals in minutes, automate payments to get paid faster, and track performance to grow your business.

Mastering proposal writing: a guide to creating winning proposals

A comprehensive guide to writing a business proposal that impresses clients and closes deals