January 12, 2024
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Best Proposal Automation Solution in 2024

Automate proposals with the best proposal automation solution to win more deals and save time. Check out our list of top products to supercharge your business!
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Key Takeaways

  • “Proposal Automation Software” is a technology to automate proposal creation, reminders, e-signatures, and more, eliminating manual and cumbersome tasks in the proposal process.
  • Benefits of Proposal Automation Solution are time savings, avoiding errors, impressing clients and increasing productivity.
  • Top 3 Proposal Automation Software are Cone(Best for small businesses to streamline proposal, invoicing and payment in a single platform, generous free tier), Pandadoc(Best if you want to tailor every proposal, Offers over 750 templates, starting at $19-$49/month/user), Proposify(Best for dedicated sales teams, starting at $49/month/user

Do you still create your proposals in word or pdf and send them to clients via email? If you do, you may need to build a quicker and more streamlined proposal process that will help you win more clients.

Crafting and sending a timely business proposal is vital for standing out and winning clients. Small businesses often struggle here due to manual, slow, and cumbersome proposal processes.The smartest way to do that is to take advantage of the evolving technology and get a proposal automation solution for your business.

What is a Proposal Automation Solution?

Proposal Automation Solution uses technology to automate proposals, and other processes like reminding on proposals, receiving e-Signatures etc. normally requiring human involvement. 

This software manages proposals and RFPs includes automation capabilities. This software can help complete proposals, format, get signatures and manage content faster.

How does a Proposal Automation Solution work?

Proposal automation solutions automate repetitive tasks around proposals so that business owners can focus on other important functions.

These tools perform tasks such as:

  • Writing customized, attractive, and engaging proposals for clients using templates in seconds.
  • Pulling the content from the content library to auto-populate the proposal to save time.
  • Enabling the client to access, review, and sign the proposal easily.
  • Helping the business track the activities related to proposals in real-time.
  • Sending reminders to follow up on unsigned proposals.
  • Should be able to receive the client payment information and be able to charge for the service on time i.e. invoicing and payment collections.

Key Features of a Proposal Automation Solution

Template Management

Template management is a key feature of automating proposals, simplifying the process of creating standardized proposals. Templates provide a structured format, making customization easy with specific customer information, services, and prices. Besides saving time and effort, they bring more professionalism to proposals with consistent branding, messaging, and formatting.

Content Libraries

Proposal automation tools utilize centralized content libraries as repositories. This repository contains pre-approved text, case studies, images, and other documentation. This repository allows users to auto-populate proposals with accurate, relevant, and uniform information. Using this feature, you can streamline the creation of proposals and accelerate the process of managing content.


With placeholders, dynamic content can be inserted and replaced with relevant information automatically. A placeholder such as a client name, a date, or a specific service can be added to proposals automatically, eliminating the need to edit the text manually.

Invoicing And Payments

Integrating with automated invoicing systems such as Cone's free Proposal-to-Payment software allows invoice processes to be streamlined from proposals. With this integration, invoices are automatically generated according to agreed-upon terms, and payments are automatically triggered, simplifying financial transactions and reducing manual effort.


Automated proposal renewals are also possible, where predefined criteria automatically generate renewal proposals based on contract expirations. Keeping track of client progress and continuity of services enables retention and minimizes administrative burdens.

Capabilities For Integration

An integration capability enables proposal automation tools to be linked with other essential applications like accounting, customer relationship management, and project management. Using this connectivity, data silos can be eliminated, and a cohesive workflow can be maintained across different departments.

Automatic Follow-Up Reminders

Using proposal automation solutions, users can receive automatically scheduled reminders to follow up on proposals. With this feature, you can increase responsiveness, close more deals, and reinforce client engagement by communicating with them promptly.

Benefits of Proposal Automation Solution

Efficiency Gains

Automate proposals creation process significantly streamlines the process, saving considerable time and resources. Manual labor is minimized by automating repetitive tasks like document generation and content assembly. With templates and predefined sections, every proposal can be easily customized without starting from scratch. As a result of this efficiency, proposals are created faster, and teams can focus more on strategic aspects, which improves productivity overall.


It ensures all proposals follow the same format, language, and branding. With templates and standardized content libraries, inconsistencies can be prevented that may occur with manual input. By maintaining consistency, not only do we enhance professionalism but also reinforce the brand identity of our company, gaining the trust of our clients and stakeholders.


With proposal automation software, your team can collaborate seamlessly. Multiple users can work on a proposal simultaneously with cloud-based platforms, allowing real-time editing, comments, and feedback. Keeping track of changes and updates is easy with version control. By enhancing teamwork, increasing transparency, and reducing review and approval time, such collaborative functionalities make proposals better.

Streamlined Proposal Process

Using a proposal automation solution, you can set up a highly automated standardized process for writing and sending proposals. Having a streamlined process reduces the risk of errors in proposals, delays in sending the proposals, and inaccurate or inconsistent responses to clients.


The proposal automation solution makes it easier to write personalized proposals, send them to clients, track their progress, and take care of follow-ups. It saves time and effort for the business owner and the staff by providing customizable templates, automatic invoicing solutions, and business insights on a single platform.

Considerations for choosing a Proposal Automation Solution


Proposal automation tools must consider scalability when choosing them. Organizations need to determine if the solution they choose will be able to accommodate their growing needs. The performance of a scalable tool is not compromised when there is an increase in proposal volume or complexity. Ideally, it should be able to integrate seamlessly with existing systems while leaving room for expansion in the future. With scalability, the automation solution keeps being effective and supportive as the business evolves.

Capabilities For Customization

To meet an organization's specific requirements, a proposal automation tool should feature customization options. By customizing a solution, the company can create templates, workflows, and branding elements that align with its identity and proposal format. Proposals that are tailored to the needs of potential clients reflect professionalism and reflect a tailored approach to the client. The solution must support diverse customization needs to ensure flexibility and accuracy in conforming to the organization's proposal styles and content.

Ease Of Use

Efficiencies and adoption of proposal automation tools are directly correlated with their usability. With a user-friendly interface and intuitive functionalities, team members can easily adapt and use the software. With easy-to-understand features, navigation is simplified, and instructions are clear. Furthermore, a user-friendly tool will reduce the learning curve and ensure broad adoption across teams, improving productivity.

Proposal automation solutions should be scalable for growth, customizable for tailor-made proposals, and user-friendly to optimize efficiency and ease of adoption. When these considerations are addressed effectively, the proposal creation process can be enhanced, leading to better organizational productivity.

Top 5 Proposal Automation Software

There are several proposal automation tips to find the top proposal automation tools. Here is the list of the best tools that make it easier to draft proposals.


Cone Proposal-to-Payment is the ultimate solution for small businesses seeking a comprehensive and efficient platform to streamline their proposal, invoicing, and payment processes. With its impressive features and user-friendly interface, Cone offers business owners a range of benefits that make it the best proposal software for their profession. One of the standout features of Cone is its flexible proposal editor, allowing business owners to create stunning proposals tailored to their client's needs. The extensive library of premium proposal templates provides a solid foundation, while the fully customizable options ensure that every proposal reflects unique style and brand. 

With Cone, business owners can send customized proposals in under 10 seconds, saving valuable time while impressing clients with their professionalism. With its features designed to save time, boost revenue, and enhance professionalism, Cone empowers small businesses to focus on their core services while leaving the administrative burdens to automation.

Distinctive Features:

  • CRM and sales pipeline management.
  • Flexible editor to build proposals to meet any needs.
  • Automated Invoicing eliminates the risk of missing invoices.
  • Seamless payment experience with extensive payment options, including direct debits, credit and debit cards, and ACH payment methods.
  • Robust billing software.
  • Automated renewal processes.
  • Integrations with accounting software.

Price: Free tier which serves the needs of small to medium businesses


Crafting proposals and documents couldn't be simpler with PandaDoc's user-friendly interface. You can effortlessly customize documents, allowing you to tailor each document to your specific requirements.  PandaDoc includes built-in e-signature capabilities, making it a breeze to finalize agreements and contracts with clients or partners. These templates cover a wide range of business needs, saving you the time and effort of starting from scratch. 

Distinctive Features: 

  • Offers over 750 templates
  • Drag-and-drop functionality
  • Real-time approvals, comments, and version-tracking functionality
  • Seamless document creation, management, and online signing


  • Essentials- $19 per month
  • Business - $49 per month


Known for its ability to streamline the creation and management of proposal documents, Proposify is a well-known cloud-based proposal software that helps businesses close deals more quickly. While its primary focus caters to traditional sales teams, it's crucial to note that Proposify's extensive feature set holds significant value for accounting firms as well. However, it's important to note that Proposify, while offering a wealth of benefits, may not be the most budget-friendly option, which might present challenges for smaller accounting businesses.

Distinctive features:

  • Extensive client-specific proposals
  • Various content management tools
  • Store approved content in one easy-to-access location
  • interactive pricing options, allowing an upselling process
  • Built-in E-Signatures

Price: Starting at $49 per month per user


The Qwilr proposal tool makes it easy for accountants to create visually appealing, interactive, and up-to-date proposals that increase client engagement. This is crucial for creating a positive first impression with clients. Its features, such as e-signatures, analytics, and customization options, make it an ideal choice for accountants looking to stand out in their industry and offer an exceptional client experience.

Distinctive features:

  • Real-Time Updates.
  • Detailed analytics, offering insights into how clients engage with the proposal.
  • Secure Sharing.
  • Salesforce integration.
  • Page Analytics.

Price: For unlimited projects and access to premium features, users can subscribe to Qwilr Business- $35/month or Enterprise - $59/month.


With its commitment to simplicity, usability, and cost-effectiveness, Bidsketch stands out as a Cloud-Based Solution for dedicated proposal management. For accountants, Bidsketch means spending less time on document creation and more time on client interactions.

Distinctive features:

  • E-Signature Integration.
  • Flexible Branding matching an accountant's firm identity.
  • Full Analytics and Integrations with tools like Salesforce, Zapier.

Price: Plans start at $29/month

Why Choose Cone?

Cone's free Proposal-to-Payment software emerges as the top choice for small businesses. Its comprehensive features, including a flexible proposal editor, automated invoicing, and seamless payment experiences, set it apart. With a free tier tailored to the needs of small to medium businesses, Cone empowers professionals to focus on core services while automating administrative tasks. Impress clients with customized proposals in seconds and enjoy a robust, all-in-one solution that optimizes efficiency without breaking the budget.

Future Trends In Proposal Automation

Generative AI Advancements

AI-enabled proposal automation, like the DALLE model, generates visually stunning and contextually relevant graphics and images. Automation solutions can make more visually appealing and customized proposals thanks to these advancements. A proposal that integrates generative AI can look better and engage more people.

Enhanced Visual Content Creation

The future of automation solution for proposals is expected to incorporate advanced tools for creating multimedia and images. In addition to immersive and interactive visual content, these tools will also allow for creating 3D models and animations. With a focus on visual appeal and storytelling capabilities, these trends attempt to persuade and inspire.

Customization And Personalization

Hyper-personalization is the next step in the proposal automation solution. Technology like AI-driven content generation algorithms allows proposals to be tailored based on recipient data. Content, visuals, and tone will likely be customized to fit the preferences and needs of each prospect or client in the future, allowing conversion rates to be significantly increased.

Technology Integration

As new technologies emerge, including augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), proposal document automation solutions will need to integrate these technologies. This integration could present a new dimension of engagement and understanding, allowing clients to interact with proposed products and services virtually.

AI-Driven Analytics And Optimization

Proposals will be automated using AI-driven analytics to customize content and design. As engagement metrics are analyzed in real-time, content, layout, and visuals are constantly improved, ensuring proposals are continually effective.

To stay competitive, companies must embrace these trends to make their proposals more visually appealing, personalized, and data-driven. With these advancements, proposal automation solutions will be more effective and impactful.

Simplify Your Proposal Automation Now!

Efficiency is key to winning proposals, especially in a fast-paced industry. Free Proposal automation solutions like Cone can make proposals more precise, effective, and time-efficient while saving valuable time. With Cone, you can create proposals faster and improve quality, increase productivity, and gain a competitive edge by leveraging technology at no cost. Make your proposal workflow more efficient with Cone.


What is proposal automation software?

Proposal Automation Software is a technology to automate proposals, and other processes like reminding on proposals, receiving e-Signatures etc. normally requiring human involvement. 

What is proposal generation software?

Proposal generation software provides a centralized platform for storing proposals, creating and sending them. It also includes built-in proposal templates.

Which software is used to write a proposal?

Microsoft Word and Excel is historically used for writing proposals. But, now users are using proposal automation or management softwares frequently.