August 3, 2023
10 min read

Cone Proposal-to-Payment: Winning more deals and getting paid is now easy

Create winning proposals in minutes, automate payments to get paid faster, and track performance to grow your business.
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How many proposals have you sent manually this week? If it is even one, we say that it's too much. Crafting compelling proposals can be a daunting task. Also, the pressure to outshine competitors while working with a tight schedule is overwhelming. As a result, you often end up repeatedly using the same few versions of the proposal outline. Before you know it, sending proposals manually consumes time and leads to stress. Here’s where Cone Proposal-to-Payment software can help you, not only in streamlining proposal management but also in accelerating revenue. 

Companies that use proposal software influence a whopping 65% more revenue when compared to companies that don't, according to Loopio’s RFP Trend report. With Cone Proposal-to-Payment, start creating impressive proposals and stand out.

Not just for creating on brand proposals, there’s more

Businesses that go through tremendous growth by attaining automation in operations. With intelligent tools, operations can become cost-effective, less chaotic, and error-free – many even see direct business growth. Cone Proposal-to-Paymentgive the freedom to simplify the process of proposals and payments and achieve business growth. With us, you can 

  1. Create personalized proposals and engagement Letters within minutes. You can explore pre-built templates, a content library, the capability to send forms, and customizable white-label options.
  2. Access our collection of impressive templates library for proposals, letters, forms, and emails for you to choose from on the go.
  3. Simplify pricing conversations, and set transparent and standard pricing practices with our in-built price quote tool.
  4. Securely e-sign, and get real-time updates when an action is done on your proposals.
  5. Get paid faster with automated payment reminders.
  6. Accelerate business growth with our superior analytics dashboard.
  7. Integrate with your existing accounting software, CRM, and other systems.

Scale your business with Cone Proposal-to-Payment

We are all so used to working in a fast-paced environment, it is very critical to not only have the winning sauce – but to make sure you have created repeatable, scalable processes to maximize growth and productivity. For you folks who are knee-deep in creating proposals and tracking client payments week after week, here’s how the Cone Proposal-to-Payment can help you

  • Save customized proposal templates and dynamically apply them to different clients with a click of a button - get the power to create proposals in minutes, professional-looking ones! 
  • Track invoices and send payment reminders to all your clients in their respective billing schedules. You never have to mix up Invoice dates or miss getting paid. Get 100% visibility into your cash flow.  

We know you want to give your clients the best experience. Count on us to deliver exceptional experiences that leave a lasting impression. All at NO COST! Cone Proposal-to-Payment is a free software with no limitations or hidden charges. Start using Cone today.