January 28, 2024
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Top 5 Proposal Software for Freelancers in 2024

A complete guide to finding the best proposal software for freelancers. Explore top 5 proposal software for freelancers. Covers features, pricing, and more.
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In the realm of freelancing, your proposal is similar to your first handshake. Do make it count, memorable, and unique. 

Freelancers as a profession are increasing and gaining demand. Freelancers now constitute 47% of the global workforce and with this, also comes the need for freelancers to level up their game when it comes to how they do and grow business. 

One important way to do that is by making excellent freelance proposal samples. Proposal building can take a lot of time and energy . In this case, it is natural to wonder where and how to write a freelance proposal and make it appealing. To make this easier, using a proposal creation software is one of the best investments.

In this article, we will dive into the details of benefits of a proposal software for freelancers, 5 best proposal software for freelancers and how to pick the right one according to your needs.

What Is Proposal Software for Freelancers?

Freelancer proposal

Proposal Software for freelancers is a specialized software designed to create, sign, and organize business proposals. Beyond that, it also offers features to manage and track freelancer proposals. One of the key benefits of a proposal software for freelancers is it minimizes the amount of time a freelancer spends making a freelance proposal.

Proposal software for freelancers comes with a variety of features:

Freelance proposal template
  • Content Library: Access a library of proposals already created or elements to expedite the creation of proposals faster.
  • e-Sign: Proposal software for freelancers provides an ability to add terms to the proposal so that the expectations of the project are clear and get the e-signatures from the clients.

Then, there is also Cone - the ultimate proposal software for freelancers which goes beyond above features like Invoicing, collecting payment information on the proposal document, Billing and integrations with accounting software like QBO, Xero etc. Sign up today.

For freelancers seeking comprehensive support, there are many other helpful software out there. You can go through the following links to learn the Best Invoicing Software for Freelancers, and the Best Project Management Software for Freelancers

Why Is Proposal Software Important For Freelancers? 

A freelancer proposal holds the key to making the proposal as effective and differentiated as possible. It is therefore necessary to brainstorm on making a good freelance proposal example that makes a good impression. You'd be competing with several other proposals proposed to the client and you need to ensure your proposal stands out. 

To accomplish this, you need a proposal software for freelancers and is a smart choice to turn to. Statistics show that freelancers that use proposal software have an average 45% proposal win rate. As a result, it can lead to increased conversion of revenue as well. So, isn't that a win-win situation? 

Specialized proposal software for freelancers can increase the quality and efficiency of your proposal in many ways. How? Let’s find out!

Professionalism: Specialized proposal software for freelancers helps freelancers in making their proposals look professional. They make it more polished and well-designed. It is very important for creating a good first impression and putting forth a professional proposal. 

Time Efficiency: A freelancer proposal generator can save you a lot of time. It stimulates the creation process by making use of templates, pre-designed sections, and multiple customization options.

Competitive Edge: Using professional proposals gives you a competitive edge that you wouldn't have had otherwise. The proposal software does exactly that and increases your chances of securing projects from clients. 

Brand Consistency: Such software ensures that proposals consistently reflect the freelancer's brand, creating a cohesive and memorable identity for potential clients.

Collaboration and Communication: Most open-source proposal management software offers the feature of collaboration with clients. That helps in maintaining good communication for feedback from the client along with the team members. 

Analytics and Tracking: Since the software for freelancers helps in procuring active feedback, freelancers can track their proposals and projects easily. That provides insights into aspects that are most engaging and making data-driven improvements.

Automatic Follow-Ups: It makes simple jobs like reminders or checking in easier, so freelancers can put more time into their ideas and plans.

If you are still unsure how to start writing a freelance proposal, you can get help from these articles here and here

Benefits of Proposal Software for Freelancers

Apart from providing basic help and curating the proposals, these tools also come with additional benefits. These include:-

Efficiency: Time is of the essence for freelancers. Proposal software for freelancers accelerates the process of proposal creation and therefore, increases efficiency. The time saved and the reduction in manual efforts are invaluable assets for freelancers. 

Template Management: Proposal creation software helps in maintaining consistency. Freelancers often juggle multiple projects simultaneously. Software with pre-built templates can help to prevent last-minute confusion and maintain consistency in the freelancer proposal generator process. 

Compliance Management: Apart from template management, Proposal software for freelancers provides compliance management. It ensures proposals adhere to company standards and client requirements.

Customization and Personalization: Freelancers operate in diverse industries with unique client needs. By tailoring each document to specific clients and projects, proposal software for freelancers enhances the chances of winning contracts.

Analytics and Insights: Proposal software tools come with analytics features, offering insights into client engagement and proposal performance. Tracking metrics such as open rates and response times helps freelancers refine their approach and increase their success rates.

Invoicing and Billing: Simplifies billing processes with its automated and efficient approach. From generating invoices for signed proposals to ensuring timely billing regardless of varying schedules, it can take the hassle out of invoicing. It's automated billing, coupled with extensive payment options, ensures businesses never miss an invoice and clients can pay seamlessly. If you want to have a proposal software that can also streamline your invoicing and payments, sign-up here today.

The Top 5 Proposal Software for Freelancers 

Here are the suggestions for the top 5 best proposal software for freelancers along with their overview, features and pricing. 

Cone - Ideal fit for Freelancers

Cone - best proposal software for freelanncers

Cone Proposal-to-Payment stands out as the best freelancer proposal software for freelancers seeking streamlined automation in proposal creation, invoicing, and payment processes all in a single platform. 

Best Features:

Flexible Proposal Editor: Craft stunning proposals using a flexible editor and an extensive library of premium templates for a personalized touch and interactive web proposals in just 7 seconds.

Proposal editor

E-Signatures: With Cone, you can securely obtain e-signatures with ease, allowing multiple signatories to access, review, and sign proposals across various devices in real time.


Automated Invoicing: Never miss an invoice again with Cone. Cone automates invoice generation post-proposal approval, ensuring timely billing regardless of billing schedules. If you want to know how to invoice as a freelancer you can read this article here

Invoicing for freelancers

Streamlined Payments: Effortlessly manage account receivables with automated billing and multiple payment options, from direct debits to credit cards and ACH methods.

Renewal Automation: Cone initiates reminders, generates fresh proposals, and ensures prompt signatures to prevent revenue loss and stay ahead with contract renewals.

Simple Interface: Cone excels in modern user experience with an intuitive, user-friendly interface. The design facilitates easy navigation, ensuring quick adaptation and effortless exploration of features. The clean and organized dashboard prioritizes ease of use, making it the best free proposal software.

Security: Cone prioritizes data security, holding SOC-2 Type-1 and GDPR compliance and independent audits. 

Integration with other software: Cone seamlessly syncs with accounting software like QuickBooks, Xero, and Zoho Books. Its ability to effortlessly connect with multiple systems makes it the best free proposal software for a harmonious software ecosystem.

Customer Service: Cone's customer support is a reliable pillar of assistance. Committed to user satisfaction, Cone offers quick support via live chat, call, email, and FAQs, ensuring prompt and helpful responses.


Cone’s Proposal-to-Payment software for freelancers is FREE to use for < 5 proposals a month! All the amazing benefits can be availed absolutely free. Sign up today! For unlimited proposals, just pay $10 a month and enjoy the product with no limits.


PandaDoc simplifies document creation and e-signature processes, catering to businesses looking for efficient software for freelancers. Its focus on CRM integration and proposal creation makes it a suitable choice for enhancing sales operations.

Best Features:

Templates: Offers over 750 templates.

Editor: Rich media Drag-and-drop functionality.

Approval workflow: Real-time approvals, comments, and version-tracking functionality.

Integrations: CRM and other integrations.


Starts at $19/month, offering a free plan with limited features. Additional functionality might require higher-tier plans.


Proposify specializes in freelancer proposal creation and e-signature integration, aiming to streamline proposal management for sales-driven teams seeking an integrated solution. Its focus lies in enhancing the efficiency of the proposal creation and approval process.

Best Features:

Effortless Proposal Creation: Gives people tools to make and handle plans easily, making the whole process of creating proposals better.

CRM Integration: Focuses on connecting with different CRMs to make workflow better and manage sales well.

E-Signature Capabilities: Facilitates e-signatures, ensuring smooth document approvals within the platform.


Starts at $24/month, with a free plan offering limited features. Higher-tier plans offer enhanced functionality and additional features for more demanding requirements.


Indy has honed its focus on empowering freelancers by providing a suite of lightweight yet powerful tools for managing proposals and facilitating streamlined communication with clients. Its dedicated approach to tailoring proposals and ensuring cost-effective access makes it a standout choice in the proposal freelancer market.

Best Features:

Customizable Proposals: Indy is the best software for freelancers because it lets them customize their choices. This means they can make special proposals that show their own style and brand image. This flexibility sets them apart when they make their pitches for clients.

Client Communication: Indy streamlines the often complex process of client interactions. Through real-time status updates, freelancers stay in sync with their clients, ensuring smoother communication and understanding throughout the project lifecycle.


Indy provides a free plan(<3 proposals per month) that allows individuals to explore and utilize the platform’s basic features. For those seeking more extensive functionality and enhanced tools, the Pro plan offers a cost-effective solution at just $9 per month on an annual subscription.

Better Proposals

Better Proposal positions itself as an inclusive sales hub, offering a comprehensive variety of tools designed to optimize the process. With a focus on leveraging AI-driven analytics, an extensive template library, and integrated tools, it aims to revolutionize sales operations for businesses seeking efficiency and sophistication in their proposal software for freelancers.

Best Features:

AI-driven Analytics: Better Proposals uses AI tools to make the review and analysis process faster. This feature helps users to gain valuable insights and make data-informed decisions. It makes it simpler to suggest and agree on proposal creation and approval process.

Template Library: Its extensive library of templates caters to diverse business needs, providing a wide selection of industry-specific templates. This wealth of pre-designed freelancer proposals allows for quick customization, saving time and effort in crafting compelling proposals.

Integrated Tools: Better Proposals offers an integrated suite of tools aimed at facilitating efficient proposal generation and sales management. These tools enhance the overall workflow, ensuring a smoother and more streamlined sales process.


Better Proposals gives people a free trial time. It lets them see and try what the platform can do before making up their mind to use it fully. After the trial, the cost begins at $19 per month. It offers various plans created for different user needs.

Comparison Table

Let’s quickly review the top proposal software for freelancers options covered in a tabular format:

Features Proposal Creation Templates E-Signature Invoicing Invoicing Automation Payments Client Billing Accounting Integrations Pricing
Cone Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Native integrations: QBO, Xero, Zoho Books FREE (< 5 proposals per month). Paid Plans starts at $10/month/user
PandaDoc Yes Yes Yes Yes No No Yes No Via Zapier Starts at $19/month/user (<100 proposals per year)
Proposify Yes Yes Yes Yes No No Yes No Via Zapier Starts at $24/month
Indy Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes No Via Zapier FREE (<3 proposals per month). Paid plan - $9/month
Better Proposals Yes Yes Yes Yes No No Yes No Via Zapier Starts at $19/month

Tips to Select Best  Proposal Software for Freelancers

By now you know that there are multiple proposal software for freelancers available on the internet with a variety of features. 

However, before leaping to the step to just pick one, freelancers need to decide which software will work best for them. They need to select the best proposal software for freelancers among the plenty available on the internet. Using certain tips, one can ensure they get the best quality. 

Define Your Needs: It is important to be clear with your requirements for software. You should consider factors regarding collaboration, customization, and analytics.

Ease of Use: One must always choose software with a user-friendly interface and intuitive features. This ensures a smooth adoption process for the proposal freelancer and their team.

Integration Capabilities: You must ensure the software can integrate with other tools you use. These may include CRM systems, email platforms, or project management tools. 

Scalability: Choose a solution that can grow with your business. A software that can accommodate an increasing volume of proposals and additional team members easily

Security Measures: Ensure the best software for freelancers adheres to high-security standards, with features like access controls, encryption, and secure data storage to protect sensitive client information.

Customer Support: Check whether the software provides a good quality of customer support. It ensures that you can have assistance when needed to get out of trouble.

Trial Period: While you're searching for a suitable option, take all the trials or demos offered by any free proposal software you can. That'll help in testing the functionality, interface, and compatibility with your workflow before purchasing. 

Following these tips, you'll be able to find the best software for freelancers for yourself. A software that aligns with your business needs and enhances your overall proposal process.

Have You Decided Yet?

Freelancing has become an important part of today’s professional landscape. The increase in freelancers means it has also led to a lot of competition in the freelancing world. In a world so competitive, one cannot fall behind. A lot of work related to freelancing takes up a huge load of our time that could've been used to improve the quality of work. Proposal-making for freelancers is one such time-consuming task. 

However, going through the article, we learned that there is proposal software for freelancers that helps freelancers find answers to how to write a freelance proposal in curating the best proposal for freelancers in the least time possible. Furthermore, we also learned about the benefits of these tools and tips on how to select the most suitable one for you. Don’t wait, sign up now.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Do these tools provide templates suitable for various freelance industries or niches?

Yes, these management tools provide multiple templates for proposal creation. These templates offer features for various freelance industries or niches as well.

  1. How does proposal software help freelancers stand out among competitors?

Proposal software helps freelancers shine by making the proposals look professional. It showcases the skills and experience of the individual effectively making them a perfect choice in the eyes of the clients. 

  1. Can proposal software assist in managing multiple proposals?

Yes, there are multiple proposal software that facilitate the management of multiple freelance proposals samples efficiently. Using these tools, one can track, manage, and update various proposals simultaneously. 

  1. Do these tools provide templates?

Yes, they certainly do! Proposal management tools commonly provide templates for usage. Freelancers can choose a certain template and customize it according to their specific needs. 

  1. Why do freelancers need proposal software?

Freelancers may need proposal software as it streamlines the creation process of proposal, enhancing the look and feel using professional templates, elevating their brand. This saves them time and also increases the chances of winning a proposal.

  1. How can proposal software benefit freelancers in their business?

Proposal software helps freelancers by saving time, boosting efficiency and ensuring professionalism in their client interactions.

  1. Is proposal software only for large enterprises, or can freelancers benefit too?

Proposal software is not just for businesses. With capabilities for writing good freelance proposals, scalability, and support for enterprises of all sizes, it appeals even to freelancers, 

  1. What features should freelancers look for in proposal software?

Freelancers should look for free proposal software with e-signature support, a user-friendly interface, and customizable templates.

  1. Can proposal software help freelancers save time and increase productivity?

Proposal software shows how to write a freelance proposal, automating processes, enabling free proposal software options, reducing manual tasks, and enhancing productivity for freelancers.

  1. Are there free or affordable options for freelancers in terms of proposal software?

Yes. Freelancers have access to cost-effective and efficient tools like Cone that are reasonably priced without sacrificing quality.

  1. How user-friendly is proposal software for freelancers who may not be tech-savvy?

Freelancers need not be tech-savvy to use proposal software. Proposal software comes with a user-friendly interface that is simple to use for everyone. 

  1. Is there a learning curve associated with adopting proposal software, and how can freelancers overcome it?

There could be a little learning curve. However, the best proposal software for freelancers can be easily adopted by freelancers for their needs about how to write freelance proposals.

  1. How does proposal software contribute to winning more clients for freelancers?

Proposal software enhances how to write a freelance proposal by creating impactful and organized presentations, increasing professionalism and client appeal, and leading to improved client acquisition for freelancers.