October 26, 2023
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Remote Anywhere Jobs in Accounting Firms: How Can Practice Management Software Help?

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Back in 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic forced the global workforce to stay at home and work remotely. Nearly 70% of full-time employees shifted to working from home almost overnight to maintain their productivity.

But that's all history now. Standing in 2023, remote anywhere working is freedom employees and businesses choose to maintain work-life balance, tap into a global talent pool, or reduce overhead costs.

Over 55% of workers believe they're more productive remotely than at office premises, while 32% will quit the job if it doesn't give the option to work from anywhere.

But with all the perks of remote anywhere jobs comes challenges. And Tony Stark aptly described employer challenges in his milestone dialogue at Avenger, "That man is tricking Galaga! He thought we wouldn't find out, but we did."

Many employers in remote jobs struggle with team building, communication, collaboration, and performance management. They fail to gain crystal-clear visibility into employee productivity and strive to monitor their daily outputs to ensure timely project completion. Also, training workers and ensuring accountability can prove hazardous.

That's why cloud-based practice management software is the all-in-one solution for your team working remotely. It simplifies team management, offers visibility, handles project management, and integrates productivity tools for quick communication and collaboration.

Let's unlock the benefits of a comprehensive practice management platform for your remote team and how it replaces all your remote anywhere software.

How Does Practice Management Software Help in Remote Anywhere Jobs?

The American entrepreneur and investor Tim Ferriss advised, "Focus on your productivity rather than a busy schedule." And that's exactly what practice management software does.

It automates repetitive tasks, brings your teams, clients, data, and systems under one umbrella, streamlines project workflows, and simplifies communication. That helps you increase productivity by 50% and earn 27% more revenue.

Here are five ways how practice management software can enhance your remote anywhere work efficiency:

1. Replaces Multiple Software

A Harvard Business Review report says 60% of employers use multiple software to monitor team performance and productivity. That's not all! Companies use around 80 software products on average to manage end-to-end workflows. No doubt juggling with so many tools and collaborating with teams is challenging.

But, a comprehensive practice management software can replace all your siloed tools and provide an integrated ecosystem for business management.

It offers proposal and quotation generation, document management, project management, team communication, personalized client services, billing and invoicing, and payment collection capabilities to help maintain a consistent workflow.

2. Offers Team Visibility

Remote anywhere jobs often involve a lack of spontaneity and motivation to maintain high productivity. However, monitoring team performance is essential to navigate the project roadmap and submit deliverables on time.

That's where practice management software comes into play.

It offers complete visibility into your team's assignments, availability status, timelines, and project progress. Also, it syncs with meeting apps and provides tracking and analytics features to communicate with your team, track employee consistency, monitor productivity, report project milestones, and optimize workload to prevent burnout.

Thus, you can delegate tasks to available resources, adjust project strategies with data-backed insights, identify high-performing workers and reward them, and make informed decisions to ensure client satisfaction.

3. Automates Project Management

How many hours do you spend daily on repetitive tasks? Statistics say over 40% of employees waste a quarter of their workweek on productivity-killing chores like data entry, email, data collection, and time tracking.

But practice management software spares your remote anywhere team from routine work and helps them focus on their assignments.

It automates project workflows like writing customized proposals, sending engagement letters, scheduling client appointments, cold emailing, invoicing, and settling payments, so they can save at least 20 hours a week and boost their bottom lines.

4. Manages Documents

Keeping all your team members on the same page is crucial to maintaining an uninterrupted workflow. Your remote anywhere team must access all client data, forms, project documents, and communication history to stay informed about the project progress and work on the documents anytime, anywhere.

In this effort, cloud-based practice management software maintains a centralized repository of documents for all stakeholders to access whenever needed. Also, it offers seamless document sharing to transfer them across productivity tools and to clients for transparency and quick processing.

For example, Cone offers feature-packed practice management software where you can store large document volumes, request necessary client information, transfer deliverables through emails, generate professional proposals, digitally sign contracts, automate recurrent invoicing, and renew project proposals.

That helps you organize documents, minimize retrieval time, and smoothen the documentation process while onboarding and retaining clients.

5. Captures Billable Hours

Remote anywhere jobs also involve freelancers and contractual workers who receive per-hour, per-month, or per-project payments.

In that case, tracking and recording their billable hours is crucial to ensure accurate billing, disburse timely payments, and monitor productivity.

Practice management software automates time tracking, reporting and analytics, billing, and invoicing to eliminate manual data entry, reduce human errors, and maintain a consistent business process.

Again, it lets you claim client-related expenses for reimbursement, minimize double invoicing, reduce erroneous payment calculations, and prevent paying the wrong individual. That helps you organize your administrative tasks and save 40+ hours monthly on payments and reconciliation.

Which Remote Anywhere Software to Use

As the remote anywhere workforce will increase by 87% by 2025, employers search for robust business management software to manage their remote teams and run businesses hassle-free.

However, picking the right practice management software among several others is the key to consolidating practice management and team productivity.

Choose Cone, a purpose-built WorkOS that offers complete project management with team collaboration, automation, quick communication, document sharing, time tracking, and invoicing to increase your team's efficiency cost-effectively.

Read our blogs to learn more about our product suite, and sign up for your free trial today!