October 5, 2023
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The Best US Accounting Conferences You Must Attend In 2023

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Staying ahead of the curve is not just a professional aspiration—it's a necessity now. And this necessity is more than important for accountants. With growing competition in the US, accounting professionals must constantly hone their abilities, pick up new ideas, and network with colleagues in the sector to stay relevant. Attending some of the most prestigious accounting conferences in the United States in 2023 would be the best approach to accomplish all of this.

A great approach for accountants to stay current in their industry is to attend accounting conferences. Numerous accounting conferences will be conducted across the country in 2023, offering insightful discussions, chances for networking, and the most recent data on market trends. 

So we'll explore the greatest American accounting conferences coming up in the next section, which is scheduled for the last part of 2023. These conferences are more than just get-togethers; they are immersive experiences that give a view into the direction that finance, compliance, and auditing are headed in.

How To Select The Best Accounting Conferences?

Before attending a conference you need to know the following five key points that will help you choose the best accounting conferences.

Relevance Of The Topic

The first step in choosing the proper conference is to evaluate its relevance to your career or business. Examine whether the conference's topics relate to your interests and objectives. You might wish to attend a conference focusing on changes to tax rules and tactics if you have an interest in tax accounting.

Opportunities For Networking

During any conference, networking is essential. You should look for networking events with your peers, mentors, and clients. Make sure the conference is big enough to network and have social events where you can meet people.

Presenters And Speakers

Find out who is scheduled to speak at the conference. Can they be trusted as experts in the field? Are they able to deliver valuable insights? High-quality content is often provided at conferences featuring renowned speakers.

Logistics And Location

Take into account the location and timing of the conference. Attendees should consider travel costs, accommodations, and other logistical concerns. Well-organized logistics and a convenient location can make your conference a success.

A Comparison Of Cost And Value

Determine the value of the conference fees based on what you expect to gain from it. It's wise to plan and take advantage of early-bird discounts and group rates when attending conferences. Considering potential returns on investment, including knowledge gained and networking opportunities, also need to be considered.

Top Dominating Accounting Conferences For 2023

Here are the top accounting conferences in 2023:

  1. AFP Treasury And Finance Conference

Date: 22-25 October, 2023

Location: San Diego Convention Center, United States.

Fees: For members $1,999 and Non-members $2,394

A premier conference for financial professionals focusing on risk management, treasury management, and financial planning, AFP's Treasury and Finance Conference brings together attendees from across the globe. There will be various educational sessions, workshops led by experts, and plenty of networking opportunities. Subjects related to cash management strategies, regulatory updates, and emerging financial technologies are expected to be discussed. This conference is known for its real-world, practical solutions to finance problems.

  1. Synergy 2023

Date: 8-11 November, 2023

Location: Gaylord Rockies Resort & Convention Center in Denver, Colorado

Fees: $2399 for the first attendee and $2299 for additional attendees

Synergy 2023 is a conference focused on exploring the synergies between finance and technology. This conference is the ideal choice, especially for CPAs who want to gain in-depth insights into the latest trends in digital transformation and financial technology (FinTech). For attendees, blockchain, AI-powered analytics, and cyber security in finance will be explored in depth. As part of this event, Barbara Corcoran (Famous shark from the Shark Tank show) will attend this conference and share success strategies for entrepreneurs. Participants can also earn valuable CPE and IRS Continued Education Credits.

  1. Digital CPA

Date: 3-6 December, 2023

Location: ARIA Resort, Las Vegas

Fees: Non-Members $1995, PCPS Firm/IT Section/CGMA Credential Holder $1,695.00 and AICPA member & 1795. 

Accounting professionals who desire to embrace the digital age will benefit from the Digital CPA Conference. Accountants are introduced to cloud accounting solutions, data analytics, and cybersecurity. At this conference, participants will learn how to navigate the digital landscape effectively. The seminar will also briefly overview the latest software tools, automation strategies, and research techniques for data-driven decision-making.

  1. Sureprep Transform

Date: 22-24 October, 2023

Location: Phoenix, Arizona

Fees: $949

Sureprep Transform offers a unique 3-day opportunity to learn about the end-to-end digital tax preparation process. It is an excellent opportunity for professional accounting firms to learn about forward-looking trends in global accounting, cloud accounting solutions, and effective ways to manage their practices.Sessions will delve into advanced digital tax return preparation topics, emphasizing practical and actionable steps. The strategic insights obtained at SurePrep Transform will enable your firm to cultivate growth, tackle staffing challenges, and optimize workflow processes.

  1. Rootworks Inspire

Date: 28-30 November, 2023

Location: Sarasota, Florida

Fees: Rootworks member - $1195 and guest pass $295

Professionals from across the continent come together for the Rootworks conference to discuss financial planning, strategies for investing, and regulatory updates. Inspire is the year-end conference exclusively designed for Rootworks members. At the Inspire conference, you will find yourself at the forefront of conversations about trends in the accounting profession, best practices, technology updates, and much more.

  1. AICP Annual Conference

Date: 22 October - 1 November, 2023

Location: JW Marriott Austin, Texas

Fees: Depends on the registration date

This annual conference extensively explores accounting principles and practices over several days. It is designed to address various accounting topics, including auditing standards, The ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) movement, and financial reporting regulations. Further, the panelists will delve into the evolving landscape of ESG within U.S. insurance regulation, focusing on regulatory developments concerning climate risk management.

  1. CCH Connections: User Conference

Date: 22-25 October, 2023

Location: Grande Lakes Orlando

Fees: $2,400 for individuals

The CCH Connections User Conference features sessions tailored for CCH software users, which offer insights into new features, best practices, and effective workflows. Three keynote sessions and over 50 breakout sessions, led by industry leaders and Wolters Kluwer experts, offer ample opportunities for inspiration to accountants at every turn. As part of this event, Successful entrepreneur and Famous Sharl from Sharl Tank, Daymond John is going to share his unique goal-setting and achievement strategies with the members of this conference. 

  1. Women Who Count Conference

Date: 25-27 October, 2023

Location: Peppermill Resort Spa Casino, Nevada

Fees: It can range from $275 to $1275 depending on the type of person

A major purpose of the Women Who Count Conference is to celebrate and empower women within the accounting and finance sector. Keynote talks, workshops, and panel discussions on gender diversity, career progression, and leadership development are all part of the conference. The event for women in accounting will give guests the chance to network with powerful women in the industry and acquire insightful knowledge on how to overcome obstacles and succeed.

  1. PASBA Fall Management Conference

Date: 13 - 16 November, 2023

Location: Loews Kansas City Hotel, Kansas City

Fees: $700

This conference is designed for professionals to collaborate among accounting firm owners from all over the United States. Building professional relationships can lead to referrals and business opportunities. PASBA conferences attract small business owners seeking accounting services. Attending the conference can be an opportunity to showcase your expertise and potentially acquire new clients.

Accounting conferences in 2023 can make a significant difference in your career or the growth of your practice. Consider topics, networking opportunities, speakers, locations, and costs when selecting conferences to attend. 

  1. QuickBooks Connect 2023

Date: 13-15 November, 2023

Location: ARIA LAS Vegas, USA

Fees: $1,095 

QuickBooks Connect serves as a dynamic gathering, uniting accountants and QuickBooks platform partners. Its main goals are to facilitate learning, foster relationships, and explore the latest accounting software solutions. A standout feature is its robust peer-to-peer learning environment, empowering attendees in marketing and sales strategies to attract and retain clients. The conference accommodates diverse QuickBooks users, offering insights into harnessing QuickBooks' power for practice growth.

Are you Going?

These conferences promise to be more than just educational opportunities in 2023; they are openings to success in the future. These gatherings give you the knowledge, resources, and connections you need to be successful, whether you're a seasoned accountant trying to polish your skills or a young professional ready to make your mark in the field.

Mark your calendars and prepare to meet peers and experts who share your passion for accounting excellence as well as to learn about the most recent developments in the industry. The best U.S. accounting conferences of 2023 await, promising a journey of growth, discovery, and endless possibilities in the world of finance and accounting.