August 3, 2023
10 min read

Looking for an affordable e-signature tool? Top 5 alternatives to DocuSign

Small businesses and Service Professionals like accountants and legal firms, and marketing agencies use tools like Docusign to streamline the signing of legally binding documents. E-signature tools help companies to reduce paperwork, speed up the signing process, and improve efficiency. This blog explores 5 alternatives to Docusign and lesser-known tips to consider while choosing a tool to securely create or draw a digital signature.
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Electronic signatures save time and effort, and proof? According to a survey conducted by DocuSign, 80% of small businesses reported an increase in efficiency after implementing e-signatures, and 60% reported a reduction in turnaround time.

Lesser-known tips to consider while selecting an e sign tool

When selecting an e signature tool, there are multiple factors beyond pricing and basic features. When you are looking for an e signature tool, the top three considerations apart from pricing are below.

  1. Security and compliance - E sign tools deal with confidential documents. It is critical to ensure that your tool provides robust security like security compliance certificates, audit trails, and 2FA login. 
  2. Integration capabilities - To streamline your document signing workflow, choose one that integrates easily with other tools to share and update information automatically. Tools with the capability to integrate to your business accounting software, CRM, and project management software can be considered. 
  3. Workflow management - Look for tools that manage a business workflow with e sign capabilities to improve business processes. For example, Cone Proposal-to-Payment software provides an end-to-end solution from creating proposals to invoicing, tracking payment collections, and billing.

Choose a tool that is security compliant and integrates well with your software. Or consider tools like PandaDoc, Ignition, and Cone Proposal-to-Payment that focus on a complete workflow, like a proposal or contract management.

Top 5 e signature alternatives for 2023

We have listed the top 5 players who provide e signature tools. There are many companies, and this list is in no order of preference or priority. It is always recommended to choose a solution provider based on your requirements.

  • Cone Proposal-to-Payment: $0/month without limitations or hidden charges - End-to-end software for proposal management, e sign, CPQ, automated invoicing, billing, and payment collections. Put your proposal to payment process workflow on auto-pilot.
  • SignNow: Starts at $8/month - They provide advanced security features like 2FA and biometric signature verification. 
  • Xodo sign: Starts at $10/month - Comprehensive e signature tool for editing, sending, and signing documents on-the-go. 
  • Dropbox sign: Starts at $15/month - Create on brand, and fully embedded e-Sign with Dropbox sign e-Signature API for your web or apps/
  • PandaDoc: Starts at $19/month - Proposal software that provides document management features.

According to National Survey data, 67% of small businesses use electronic signatures. So if you’re not onboard yet, this time is as good as any. 

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