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Grow your business faster with our modern, intuitive software to sign legally binding documents. Our free e-sign tool is all you need to speed up your proposal and contract management workflow.
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Key benefits

Cone helps you collect legally binding signatures in seconds

e-sign on the go

Convenience is an excellent motivator! Get your e-sign tool to work for you on any device, and make it easy for your clients to open, review and sign.
Create proposals and contracts using free in-built templates
Edit and re-edit them whenever required
Allow multiple signatories 
Custom branded invoices
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Automate invoicing and billing

Cone Proposal-to-Payment makes it easy for you to manage invoicing, billing, and payments on a single dashboard. No more chasing clients, forgetting to bill a service, sending the wrong invoices, or getting paid late - put it on autopilot.
Detects and auto-generates invoices for upcoming payments
Send automated reminders about upcoming payments to clients
Explore flexible billing options, and generates secure payment links
Keep your books updated - integrate with QBO or Xero
Payment collection and invoice

Build high-quality proposals, EVERY TIME!

We are 100% secure - No credit cards required.

Modern and user-friendly

We are a customer-focused company. What matters to us the most is giving a product experience that is smooth and easy. 
Experience best quality templates and designs
Easy and intuitive dashboard
Easy onboarding and offboarding 

Interactive tools

Get more done with Cone Proposal-to-Payment. Our other in-built tools will help you manage your contract management workflow end-to-end. Try out these features. 
Launch forms and surveys on the proposal document
Standardize pricing with an in-built free price quote tool

Branding options

Make a good and lasting impression. Impress your clients with a modern, fresh look, and make it your own with customized branding options. 
Custom branding
White-labeled dashboards

Streamline agreement signing

Gain a competitive edge over your competitors with our modern, intuitive proposal
management to collections software.
e-sign legally binding documents
Custom branding options
Edit proposals and contracts
Auto-invoicing & secure payment link
Allow multiple signatories
Unlimited users at the best price
Integrations with CRM and Financial Software
Analytics dashboard 

We take data privacy and security seriously.

We understand that protecting your data is crucial for the success of your business, which is why we have implemented various measures to ensure the security of your data.
SOC 2 - Type 1 Audited

SOC-2 Type-1 Compliance

We have been independently audited and verified to meet the standards for Security, Availability, Processing Integrity, Confidentiality, and Privacy. This certification assures you that we have implemented the necessary controls and procedures to safeguard your data.
GDPR Compliant

GDPR Compliance

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a comprehensive data protection regulation that applies to all companies operating within the European Union (EU). As a data processor, Cone is committed to complying with GDPR requirements and ensuring the protection of your personal data.

Frequently asked questions

Everything else you need to know about the product.
What is an e-signature?
An e-signature is a digital signature used to sign an electronic document, typically in place of a handwritten or wet signature. It is a legally accepted way to sign documents electronically and is widely used for remote or online transactions. E-signatures streamline the signing process and improve efficiency as they can be completed quickly and securely from anywhere with an internet connection.
How do I generate an eSign?
To generate an eSign, you first need an e-signature tool like Cone Proposal-to-Payment. Upload the document you need to sign, add your signature, and send it to the recipient for their signature. It's that easy! With e-signatures, you can sign documents quickly and securely from anywhere without printing or scanning.
Are e signatures safe?
Yes, e-signatures are safe and secure. They are protected by encryption and various security measures to ensure that your signature and document are not tampered with or forged. E-signatures can be more secure than traditional wet signatures, leaving an electronic trail that can be easily audited and tracked.
How much does the esign tool cost?
Cone Proposal-to-Payment has an in-built e-sign tool for free that is available after signing up for our platform. Our full-featured solution is available at $25 per month. Companies like PandaDoc, Docusign, Signable, and Eversign charge upwards of $30 monthly.

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