Make it easy for you and your prospects to e-sign

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Customer experience

Improve the prospect experience by providing impressive web proposals to e-Sign.
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Legal validity

Cone e-Signatures feature has legal recognition and validity across several jurisdictions.
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Faster signing process

Get signed in seconds. Prospects can e-Sign immediately after reading the proposal.
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Allows documents to be signed from anywhere in the world.
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Who is it for?

Cone for your professional service business


Everything about our product and billing

What information is on an electronic signature certificate?
An electronic signature certificate typically includes details like the signer's name, the certificate authority, a unique serial number, validity dates, and the digital signature of the certificate authority.
Are electronic signatures legal?
Yes, electronic signatures are legal in most of the countries, making them a viable option for digital transactions. They are not legally recognized in Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Sudan and Syria.
Are electronic signatures secure?
Yes, eSignatures are secure. They incorporate encryption and authentication protocols to ensure data integrity, confirm signer identity, and prevent unauthorized access.
What is an electronic signature?
Electronic signatures, or eSignatures, are digital versions of handwritten signatures used to validate documents or agreements online. They simplify and speed up approval processes.