Cone Flexible Proposal Editor

Add personal touch

Add videos, embed documents as many as you want to provide all the information
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Custom placeholders

Custom placeholders to automatically replace the content and create proposals quickly
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Build the proposal your way

Add sections you want to, move around or delete them according to your prospect needs
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Document that does more than a proposal

Add pricing tables and payment details to collect payments at proposal signature
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Who is it for?

Cone for your professional service business


Everything about our product and billing

Does the software allow me to add videos or embed docs?
Yes, Cone Proposal-to-Payment allows you to embed any media.
Can I add sections of my own in the editor?
Yes. You can add as many sections as you want.
What are the steps in writing your proposal?
Firstly, understand the needs of your prospect well. Then, structure your proposal into key sections and use a proposal software like Cone Proposal-to-Payment.
What are the parts of a proposal?
The key parts of a proposal are: Project or services description, pricing, terms and supporting documentation.