More revenue, no more manual work

Renew in bulk

Renew all the proposals in bulk within seconds. Get timely alerts to renew proposals on the Cone dashboard.
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Cross-sell and upsell

Review your previous scope of work and find an opportunity to cross-sell or upsell. It’s as easy as a few clicks to edit and update proposals.
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Faster signing process

Get signatures on renewals in seconds. Prospects can e-Sign immediately after reading the proposal.
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How can I easily review and update previous scope of work in proposals?
Reviewing and updating the previous scope of work in proposals can be made easy by utilizing Cone Proposal-to-Payment software which store and organize past proposals, making it convenient to access and review them. By referring to the previous scope of work, businesses can identify areas where updates or improvements can be made. They can add new services, adjust pricing, or refine the proposal content based on lessons learned from previous engagements. This streamlines the process of reviewing and updating proposals, ensuring that they accurately reflect the current offerings and value proposition.
How can I evaluate and increase prices using the renewal process?
The renewal process provides an excellent opportunity to evaluate and potentially increase prices. By reviewing previous engagements and the value delivered to clients, businesses can assess whether their current pricing aligns with the value they provide. If the scope of work has expanded, if additional features or services have been added, or if market conditions have changed, a price increase can be justified. The renewal process allows businesses to communicate the revised pricing to clients and negotiate if necessary.
How renewals on Cone can prevent missing or delayed revenue?
Automated renewals can prevent missing or delayed revenue by ensuring that renewals are processed on time without relying on manual intervention. On Cone Proposal-to-Payment,, businesses can set up alerts and reminders to notify them when a proposal is about to expire. This eliminates the risk of overlooking renewals and ensures that revenue is not lost due to missed opportunities.