Proposals, E-sign, Invoicing, and Payments in one place for freelancers

Experience a frictionless journey for you and your clients. Our free platform empowers you with a unified dashboard, enabling you to send proposals effortlessly, generate quotes, secure e-signatures, and automate the billing and payment process.
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Stop admin work. Focus on creative work.


Broken, stressful and
costly process

Manual quotes, proposals in e-mail/pdfs
Strict formatting requirements and limited editorial control over proposals
Hard to follow-up on leads and losing business
Advance payment takes a while to receive
Missed invoices and bills?
Money collection and reminders EVERY MONTH is time taking and overwhelming!
Spending $70 - $200 per month on Proposal, Invoicing and Collections software tools?

Cone’s unified, seamless and cost-effective solution

Impressive microsite quotes, proposals
Move around, delete, add or omit proposal sections on our customizable editor
Automated follow-ups, open tracking, negotiate better and 27% more business.
Request upfront deposit as part of Proposal workflow.
Automate Invoicing & Billing.
Visibility into due invoices, automated payment reminders. Save 30 hrs a month.
No limits, 100% free software.

Create professional branded proposals

Stop building proposals from scratch and get 27% better chances at winning deals! Choose from pre-built proposal and engagement letter templates or reuse a template to generate impressive branded proposals in seconds.
Send branded proposals in seconds with templates

Real-time editing and alerts to close deals faster

Include videos or brochures to stand out from the competition

Track pending proposals and
view the funnel

Quotes and e-Sign in one place

Using several tools to get from proposal to payment takes away your valuable time! Streamline your agency to speed up the process and reduce manual errors.

Speed up your proposal and contract signing workflow

Are you using a different tool for e-sign? Our secure e-sign tool helps you sign and collect signatures within minutes. You can track document updates and manage documents on Cone. 
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Create accurate quotes quickly with an in-built quotation tool

Send quotes within seconds. Our in-built quote tool allows you to standardize and keep consistent pricing - even when they are complex quotations.
Payment collection and invoice

Automate invoicing

Set invoicing on auto-pilot. Automate invoicing and reconciliation with Cone Proposal-to-Payment, and save time to focus on creative tasks. 

Streamline your recurring and one-off services

Automate monthly recurring retainer invoices to ensure no payments are missed. Plus, effortlessly manage one-off client projects - simply review and approve your invoices!
Payment collection and invoice

Stress-free and flexible payment collections

Take the hassle out of collections and let technology do the work for you. Reduced errors, and faster results, all while maintaining control of your receivables and saving 30+ hours weekly.

Flexible payment options

Cone Proposal-to-Payment makes it easy to automatically bill and receive payments for recurring retainer work, or one-off client projects. Take control of cashflow by requesting an upfront deposit.

Payment follow-ups

Effectively manage payment follow-ups to ensure timely collection and improve cash flow in your accounts receivable process.
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Supercharge with CRM and Analytics

Simplify your processes and save time by utilizing the built-in e-signature and quotation tools designed to enhance your workflow.

Manage and track client interactions with CRM

Our CRM manages all your client data in one place—track communications history, including client emails, messages, and updates.
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Get insights on wins and churn with Analytics

Cone Proposal-to-Payment offers a dashboard to track proposal status, win and churn rate, revenue, pipeline, and team performance.
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We take data privacy and security seriously.

We understand that protecting your data is crucial for the success of your business, which is why we have implemented various measures to ensure the security of your data.
SOC 2 - Type 1 Audited

SOC-2 Type-1 Compliance

We have been independently audited and verified to meet the standards for Security, Availability, Processing Integrity, Confidentiality, and Privacy. This certification assures you that we have implemented the necessary controls and procedures to safeguard your data.
GDPR Compliant

GDPR Compliance

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a comprehensive data protection regulation that applies to all companies operating within the European Union (EU). As a data processor, Cone is committed to complying with GDPR requirements and ensuring the protection of your personal data.
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Cone Proposal-to-Payment

Proposal and contract management
Client management
Leads management
Automated Invoicing and billing
Payment collections
E-signature and digital signatures
Renewals and upsell
Performance and analytics dashboards
QBO, Xero, Zohobooks integrations