March 12, 2024
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Top 10 HoneyBook Alternatives That Can Change The Game in 2024

In this post, we cover top 10 alternatives for HoneyBook. Find your best fit now.
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Being a freelancer or a small business owner can often feel like you’re constantly spinning plates, balancing administrative tasks while simultaneously working to keep your clients satisfied. Everything is your monkey in your own circus, so you must pay equal attention to it all, be it drafting proposals for different projects, creating invoices or communicating with clients on deadline management.

Any successful small business founder will tell you that a comprehensive business management software can ease your stress. Many recommend HoneyBook as an all-encompassing software platform that helps freelancers, creative professionals, and small business owners streamline various aspects of their operations. It offers a range of features to facilitate project and proposal management, client communication, and streamlined client booking.

Yet, there’s no one-shoe-fits-all solution. You may be scouring the market for HoneyBook alternatives that provide more intuitive features, have a suite of options that the former does not provide and overall, serve your unique business needs better.

So we bring to you the top 10 HoneyBook alternatives that can transform your business and help you scale new heights. From the list of these options, you are likely to find a match that is a better fit for you.

What Should You Look For In HoneyBook Alternatives?

Effortless project management and team collaboration require intuitive task management. HoneyBook software is so much more than a simple CRM. When you look for HoneyBook competitors, focus on features such as simplicity, deadline management with notifications, useful collaboration and communication features, automation and invoicing, and visual dashboards with real-time updates and analytics.

For a more comprehensive analysis, we’ve compiled the kind of questions to ask before choosing a HoneyBook alternative:

Project Management

Project Management

Effective project management requires a range of tools, depending on the kind of work that your business engages in. A software for this should allow you to focus on task management, from creating and assigning tasks and scheduling to tracking progress and milestones. Here are some questions to consider:

  • Does the platform offer intuitive task management with drag-and-drop simplicity, clear deadlines, and effortless collaboration tools?
  • Can you automate repetitive tasks like sending reminders, invoicing, and collecting feedback?
  • Does the platform provide visual dashboards with instant insights into project progress, roadblocks, and data-driven decision-making tools?

Learn more about project management for freelancers.



A proposal creates the first impression about you. So look for software that has robust proposal features.

  • Does the software offer proposal templates?
  • Does the proposal include facilities that offer a seamless experience from sending a proposal to payment?
  • Does the platform allow easy editing of proposals, enabling you to make quick changes and updates as needed?

If you are a freelancer or solopreneur, learn how to write a winning freelance proposal.

Client Communication

Client portal

Having a tool that allows you to communicate with your team and clients on a single dashboard can cut out a lot of the back-and-forth. When considering alternative HoneyBook software, specifically pay attention to communication features.

  • Does the platform offer seamless, integrated communication tools like messaging, proposals, and collaboration features?
  • Can you personalize the communication with branded client portals showcasing your unique style and offering easy access to project details?
  • Does the platform streamline contract and document management, eliminating the paper chase and simplifying approvals?



A big part of project and business management is sending and tracking invoices. Without a proper system to manage billing and invoices, error rates are bound to be high, payments will be late, and cash flow will be crunched. Here’s what can help you:

  • Can you create professional invoices in minutes with the platform, complete with your branding?
  • Does the platform offer multiple payment gateway integrations, allowing clients to pay you conveniently and securely?
  • Can you set up automated payment reminders to gently nudge clients and keep your cash flow healthy?

Learn about how to invoice as a freelancer.

Data Analytics

Be proactive, not reactive. The best HoneyBook alternatives should leverage data to help you anticipate and adapt to market changes.

  • Does the platform track your time and expenses, offering insights into where your resources go?
  • Can you generate insightful reports on client spending and project performance and identify areas for growth?
  • Does the platform offer advanced analytics tools to uncover trends, predict future performance, and stay ahead of the curve?

Integration and Customization

Integration is an important feature when a business uses multiple tools to operate. A software that allows you to access all of these in one place should be a priority, especially if you are managing multiple projects, teams, and deadlines.

  • Can you seamlessly integrate your most-used apps and tools (scheduling, marketing, and accounting) with HoneyBook alternatives?
  • Does the platform offer flexibility and customization options to adapt to your unique needs?
  • Does the platform have a mobile app for on-the-go management, letting you stay connected and manage your business even when you're away from your desk?


Apart from all of the above HoneyBook features to look out for alternatives, it is also essential that your choice fits into your budget. A small company may have a different budget from a medium-sized company. Evaluate your HoneyBook alternative against its uses and its cost.

  • Does the platform offer various pricing plans tailored to your needs, allowing you to scale as your business grows without incurring unnecessary costs?
  • Does the platform provide free trials or demos to let you test the features?
  • Does the platform offer exceptional customer support with responsive and knowledgeable reps?

Top 10 HoneyBook Alternatives To Consider in 2024

Now that we’ve gone over what you should look for in a HoneyBook alternative, here’s a list of options to consider:


One of the best HoneyBook alternatives, Cone stands out as the best alternative, offering an all-in-one solution for CRM, proposals, projects, workflows, billing, invoicing, email management, and more at a fraction of the cost compared to any alternative out there ($13 per user/month). Sign up now!

Best Features:

Proposal Magic: Efficiently manage proposals, invoices, and client billing within a unified platform. Kick-off projects as soon as the proposal is signed, without the need for manual intervention. Learn more about all the different alternatives for proposal software for freelancers if you want to evaluate Cone with other options.

Freelancer proposal

Project Management On Autopilot: Project management becomes easy with Cone's user-friendly platform. With the Cone automation feature, your business can grow and be more efficient if you automate your tasks and projects.

Project Management

Comprehensive CRM Capabilities: Effectively manage clients with Cone's comprehensive CRM capabilities. Access all necessary client information, documents, and action items in one place, enhancing overall client relationship management.

Client relationship management

Enhanced Collaboration: Keep clients engaged and informed with a secure client portal for document sharing, task management, and communication. As the best HoneyBook alternative, Cone streamlines team collaboration by centralizing communication, tasks, clients, and work processes.

Client Portal

Automated Invoicing:  Based on the time tracked, Cone helps you automatically create invoices.You can now get paid twice as quickly using a range of payment choices, including payment gateways, ACH debit and direct debit.

Automated Invoicing

Time Tracking: By keeping track of billable hours, Cone's time-tracking function boosts team efficiency and guarantees correct billing and seamless invoicing.

Time tracking

Seamless Integrations: Cone connects with your favorite tools like QuickBooks, Xero, ZohoBooks, Gmail, and Outlook, ensuring a smooth workflow.

Key Features:

  • Pre-built impressive proposals and engagement letters
  • Flexible editor with drag and drop option
  • Communicate with clients via email, WhatsApp, and text
  • Secure and custom-branded client portal
  • Powerful document management system support for PDF editor, digital signatures, and unlimited e-signatures
  • Workflow automation
  • Customer onboarding
  • Email management..and a lot more


Prices start at $13 per user/ month, which is the most cost-effective option. Sign up today!


CRM, time tracking, project management, billing, and payments are all combined in Bonsai. In addition to saving time and money, the platform guarantees legal compliance and offers a smooth contract negotiation process for clients and the business.  

Best Features:

Contracts: Bonsai offers 500+ lawyer-vetted, ready-to-use templates to enhance your professional image, build trust, and secure new clients effortlessly.  

Task Management: Bonsai software centralizes project information seamlessly, enabling quick invoicing and effortless organization.

Invoicing: Bonsai software's invoicing feature allows users to track billable hours and generate invoices within minutes.

Payments: With automatic email reminders, Bonsai ensures timely payments while maintaining a professional touch.

Bonsai Tax: Specifically created for the self-employed, this feature helps to track 1099 expenses. With auto-imports from banks and credit cards, it identifies deductible expenses, maximizing tax write-offs.

Key Features:

  • Integrated appointment booking
  • Intuitive mobile application
  • Unlimited Clients and Projects
  • Visualize your income and expense data
  • Automatically track expenses and income
  • Bonsai’s banking solution lets you receive, spend, and save your income


Bonsai offers its users a 7-day free trial.

After 7-days, users can choose any of the paid plans:

  • Starter plan at $21 per month
  • Professional plan at $32 per month
  • Business plan at $66 per month
Bonsai pricing


Salesforce comes with various features similar to HoneyBook features for sales, service, and marketing. Salesforce Suites, one of its starter suites, is an all-in-one, easy-to-use solution that brings email outreach, sales, and service together. The platform allows users to preview email designs visually, enabling testing and optimization for impactful and successful marketing campaigns.

Best Features:

Email Template: The software's email feature accelerates business growth by providing pre-made, customizable email templates. Engage customers with personalized, timely messages using segmented lists to target specific audiences effectively.

AI-driven Insights:  Leverage AI-powered insights from Einstein Analytics for sales forecasting, lead scoring, and personalized recommendations.

Contact and Account Management: Salesforce stores and organizes detailed information about your clients, contacts, and accounts. This includes notes, communication history, documents, and more, providing a 360-degree view of your customer relationships.

Lightning App Builder: You can customize the software to fit your specific needs by building custom apps and functionalities.

Vast Integration: Access a vast marketplace of pre-built apps and integrations to extend Salesforce's capabilities to specific industries or needs.

Key Features:

  • User-friendly Salesforce mobile app
  • Automatically log emails, track communication history, and improve follow-up.
  • Seamlessly adapt to growing businesses, accommodating more users and data
  • Robust security features and compliance certifications
  • Create and manage customized quotes and proposals


The paid plans of Salesforce are as follows:

  • Starter plan at $24 per user per month
  • Slack Pro plan at $7.25 per user per month
Salesforce pricing


Insightly’s user-friendly interface transforms project coordination, saving time and enhancing productivity for freelancers and businesses alike. With its communication tools, it keeps clients organized and informed. Insightly’s intuitive task management features enhance communication, collaboration, and CRM adoption, driving positive business outcomes.

Best Features:

Project and Task Management: Insightly CRM smoothly transitions opportunities into projects, copying all relevant details for comprehensive customer insight after closing a deal.

No third party: Intuitive customization allows easy molding of Insightly to match your unique business processes. Save costs without needing expensive third-party developers.

Quick Implementation: Implementing Insightly is often faster than other CRMs, minimizing disruption and getting you up and running quickly.

Integrations: Integrates with 50+ popular business tools like Gmail, Outlook, and Zapier for streamlined workflows.

Validation Rules and Advanced Permissions: This ensures data integrity by applying validation rules for critical field updates, guaranteeing accuracy and compliance.

Key Features:

  • Manage opportunities in customizable pipelines
  • Automate repetitive, manual tasks
  • Scale faster with email, reminders, and onboarding stages
  • Create deal velocity, configure and price quotes directly from opportunity records
  • Quickly generate PDFs or email quotes
  • Customizable custom fields and page layouts
  • Create up to 100 shareable dashboard cards


Insightly CRM offers a 14-day free trial. The paid plans are as follows:

  • Plus plan starts at $29 per user per month
  • The professional plan starts at $49 per user per month
  • The enterprise plan starts at $99 per user per month
Insightly pricing


Plutio empowers you to tackle tasks, manage projects, and engage clients effortlessly. From intuitive task boards to client portals, Plutio is designed to elevate your productivity and success. With advanced features like packages, dynamic content, and auto-creation of projects, Plutio stands out as a comprehensive proposal and approval solution for freelancers, agencies, and small businesses.

Best Features:

Inbuilt Proposal: Plutio proposals creates, sends, and tracks proposals on any device and enables detailed customization, including white labeling and dynamic content, ensuring a professional impression.

Real-Time Communication: Connect with others using comments, direct messaging, channels, and project discussions. Engage without having to be actively in the app for seamless.

Flexible Views: Plutio offers four types of customizable views: list view, timeline view, kanban view, and calendar view to easily organize tasks.

Complete Automation: Automatically create projects from templates when a proposal or an invoice is signed. And automatically attach project-related invoices, contracts, and proposals to the appropriate project.

Integrations: Leverage API or third-party app connections for seamless data sync and workflow automation.

Key Features:

  • Effortless time tracking
  • Create legally binding contracts in minutes
  • Generate invoices based on the hours worked, items delivered, or both.
  • Send branded invoices and get paid through a variety of payment modes
  • Advanced built-in CSS Stylesheet editor


Plutio offers three paid plans:

  • Solo plan at $29 per user per month
  • Studio plan at $39 per user per month
  • Agency plan at $99 per user per month
Pluto pricing


Dubsado's custom workflows provide a structured map for internal processes, bringing clarity to tasks. The ability to set and monitor milestones ensures timely notifications for crucial project events, keeping projects aligned with goals. Dubsado's intuitive tools streamline project management. The choice between HoneyBook vs Dubsado boils down to features preference, budget and your integration needs.

Best Features:

Forms and Templates: Dubsado offers pre-made templates for proposals, contracts and Sub-Agreements, questionnaires, and lead captures. With a mobile-friendly app and signature facility, clients can easily access and fill out their forms on any device.

Automation: With automated workflows, recurring payments, confirmation emails, and payment reminders can be managed hassle-free. This HoneyBook competitor automatically sends emails, forms, and invoices and triggers unique actions for more efficiency.

Invoicing: Recurring invoice options help set up automatic payments for regular work. Users can connect with Stripe, Square, or PayPal accounts for easy payment processing.

Client Portals: This feature lets clients accept contracts, make invoice payments, and complete necessary forms effortlessly. You can impress new inquiries by consolidating all project-related activities in one place, eliminating the need for clients to search through emails for essential documents.

Scheduling: Dubsado's scheduling feature simplifies appointment booking by connecting your calendar and setting availability. Dubsado checks for conflicts and presents clients with convenient date and time options, ensuring seamless preparation.

Key Features:

  • Automated onboarding process
  • Organized email threads, project tags, task boards, and time-tracking
  • Sync every email, contract, form, invoice, and task in your client's custom portal
  • Fully customize your forms and email templates
  • 24/7 customer success team
  • Integrate with Quickbooks, Xero, Zapier, Cloudspot, video conferencing apps, email providers, and calendar apps
  • Create multiple schedules
  • Attach customizable forms to gather essential details before appointments


Dubsado offers two paid plans:

  • Starter plan at $20 per month
  • Premier plan at $40 per month
Dubsado pricing


Paymo, a free HoneyBook alternative, empowers you to oversee and maintain project timelines and budgets effectively. It utilizes kanban board charts for a visual representation of project timelines, offering a comprehensive overview of tasks and milestones. The team scheduler allows you to manage team availability and leave days efficiently. Paymo plans cater to businesses of all sizes, making them budget-friendly for growing teams.

Best Features:

Built-in Collaboration: Discuss tasks directly within the platform, promoting clear communication and teamwork.

Switch Views: Utilize list, Kanban board, and meta Kanban board views to organize tasks based on your preference. Set dependencies between tasks to ensure a logical workflow and avoid bottlenecks.

Paymo Track Option: Track time through web timers, desktop apps, mobile apps, and manual entries. Their "Paymo Track" app automatically records time spent in applications, providing a detailed daily breakdown.

Automatic Invoice Generation: Convert timesheets into professional invoices with just a few clicks. Accept online payments directly through Paymo (additional fees apply).

Integrations: Connect Paymo with popular tools like Slack, Google Calendar, and Zapier for enhanced functionality.

Key Features:

  • Creating and reusing templates
  • Integrate with various payment gateways
  • Tailor invoices with your branding and desired information
  • Manage projects, tasks, and time on the go with dedicated iOS and Android apps
  • Insights into project performance, team activity, and finances through detailed reports
  • Monitor team members' running timers in real-time
  • View timesheets in a clear format


Paymo offers a free plan and three paid plans:

  • Starter plan at $5.9 per user per month
  • Small office plan at $5.9 per user per month
  • Business plan at $5.9 per user per month
Paymo pricing

Zoho CRM

This HoneyBook alternative redefines the way you connect with clients, streamline processes, and boost your business. From intelligent automation to insightful analytics, Zoho CRM offers a comprehensive toolkit for managing leads, closing deals, and creating lasting customer relationships.

Best Features:

Canvas: Unlike standard, static interfaces, Zoho CRM offers Canvas, a drag-and-drop editor that allows you to completely redesign the look and feel of your CRM to match your specific needs and workflows.

Zoho CRM Plus: Upgrade to this version for advanced features like territory management, sales gamification, advanced workflow automation, and AI-powered insights from Zia.

Omnichannel Communication: Engage with your customers through various channels like email, phone, social media, and live chat, all within the Zoho CRM platform.

Customization and Extensions: Customize Zoho CRM to fit your specific needs through custom fields, layouts, workflows, and the Zoho Marketplace, which offers various extensions and integrations.

Mobile App: Manage your CRM data and activities on the go with the user-friendly Zoho CRM mobile app.

Key Features:

  • Integration with over 50 other Zoho applications
  • Zoho CRM supports over 25 languages
  • hundreds of pre-built extensions and integrations
  • Zia AI assistant automates tasks, predicts sales outcomes, and gains insights from data


Zoho CRM has four paid plans:

  • The standard plan starts at $9.64 per user per month
  • The professional plan starts at $16.86 per user per month
  • The enterprise plan starts at $28.91 per user per month
  • The ultimate plan starts at $9.64 per user per month


17hats simplifies document management for businesses with a robust set of features. It streamlines data collection using electronic questionnaires, eliminating time-consuming phone calls. 17hats makes organization stress-free for businesses. Advanced features like tags enable easy filtering and bulk actions, simplifying the identification of similar contacts or projects.

Best Features:

Quotes and Proposals:  Create professional invoices effortlessly, adding logos and personal messages. Enhance client experiences with electronic quotes, with choices automatically reflected on invoices.

Document: The 3-in-1 document combines quote, contract, and invoice in one package for easy client interaction. Reusable document templates eliminate repetitive work, while contracts can be electronically sent and signed, reducing paperwork.

Organization: 17hats offers a suite of organizational features to streamline business operations. The Project Page efficiently organizes and stores documents, communications, events, notes, and to-dos for contacts.

Contact Cards: With Contact Cards, foundational client data is stored and easily accessible. Explore related contacts to enhance professional and personal client experiences by knowing details about friends and family.

Key Features:

  • Client Portal
  • Advanced Workflow
  • Advanced Online Scheduling
  • Recurring Billing
  • Integration with Zapier
  • To-Do Workflows
  • Payment Plans
  • Past-due invoice email reminders
  • Email Organization and Bookkeeping


17hats paid plans are as follows:

  • Essentials package at $15 per month
  • Standard package at $30 per month
  • Premier package at $60 per month

17hats offers a 7-day free trial.

17hats pricing


Keap's CRM is a popular client management system for small businesses. This HoneyBook alternative streamlines lead capture through custom forms and automate personalized follow-ups based on client data. Access all data seamlessly on desktop or mobile. Migration is free, and integration with apps like Gmail and QuickBooks is hassle-free. Boost lead capture efforts with Keap's intuitive CRM.

Best Features:

All-in-One Solution: Keap offers an integrated platform for marketing and sales automation, which enables companies to conveniently handle many facets of their operations in one location.

CRM for Small Business: This function lets users effectively collect and arrange leads. All client information and communications are stored in one centralized location, simplifying lead management.

Workflow Automation: Keap enables users to automate daily tasks, reducing repetitive work. The platform offers both easy and advanced automation builders, allowing businesses to streamline their processes.

Sales Pipeline Management: The sales pipeline feature provides a visual representation of the status of every deal in one place. This helps boost sales team productivity and ensures a systematic approach to closing leads.

Invoicing and Payments: Keap facilitates faster payments through its e-commerce, quoting, invoicing, and payment features. This helps businesses manage their finances seamlessly.

Key Features:

  • Premium CRM and sales management
  • Advanced marketing and sales tools
  • Custom user access controls
  • Affiliate management and collaboration
  • Advanced Reporting and lead optimization
  • Enhanced landing pages and sales tools
  • E-commerce tools
  • Email marketing
  • Marketing, sales and workflow automation
  • Lead capture and automated follow-up
  • Lead and client management (CRM)
  • Quotes, invoices and payment
  • Landing pages and online sales


Keap offers a free trial for 14 days.

The paid plans are as follows:

  • Pro plan starts at $159 per month
  • Max plan starts at $229 per month
  • Ultimate plan starts at $279 per month
Keap pricing

How To Find The Right HoneyBook Alternative?

HoneyBook may have been at the top of your list, but you may need more than the HoneyBook features. Or perhaps, the HoneyBook payment fees may not sit well with you. No matter the reason, here’s how you can find a paid or free HoneyBook alternative that meets your criteria:

Know Your Needs:  Start with understanding what doesn’t work. What frustrates you with HoneyBook? What features are non-negotiable? Do you want automation, design freedom, or niche-specific tools? Clarity here can guide your search.

Use The Free Trial: Don't just search for software; experience it. Most platforms offer free trials. If the HoneyBook free trial didn’t pass your test, then sign up, test features, and feel the user interface of other CRMs.

Make Comparisons: Having many HoneyBook alternatives can make you feel overwhelmed. To tackle it, create a comparison chart listing crucial features and pricing of potential alternatives. Visualizing side-by-side helps you choose wisely.

Niche Down, Level Up: Consider industry-specific options. Tailored features can be a game-changer.

Integration is Key: Does your new platform play well with others? Time savings and efficient operations are ensured by seamless interaction with current technologies.

Automation: Seek out systems that can do repetitive activities like billing, scheduling, and sending out reminders. Free up your time to do meaningful work.

Design Matters: Does the platform reflect your brand aesthetic? From customizable proposals to stunning invoices, ensure your visual identity shines through.

Prioritize Support: Imagine needing help fast. Always check if the platform offers responsive and helpful customer support. This can be a lifesaver when technical glitches arise.

Don't be afraid to switch: Remember, your needs evolve. If your chosen platform no longer serves you, explore new options! Growth requires adaptability, and the perfect tool might be waiting just around the corner.

Bonus tip: Remember, budget matters! Choose a platform that aligns with your financial resources while offering the features you truly need.

Why Is Cone The Best HoneyBook Alternative?

Your business is unique, so your tools should be too. Cone is your best HoneyBook alternative  because with our business management software, there is no jumping between different platforms.

Cone is intuitive and can provide you with great tools to manage your business more efficiently.

  • Affordability: Save up to 90% on software costs compared to alternatives.
  • Exceptional Support: Enjoy white-glove support and free migration assistance from dedicated professionals.

Book a demo today and see how Cone can transform your accounting practice. With its powerful features, affordability, and commitment to user success, Cone is the perfect solution for forward-thinking accounting firms.

Trying before buying is always a good idea! So try out Cone today.  

Are You Ready To Grow?

We’ve now taken you through essential HoneyBook alternatives and given you a host of comparisons against HoneyBook integrations, invoicing, and features. Equipped with this knowledge, you can now make an informed decision.

Remember, the ideal platform doesn't just eliminate frustrations; it empowers you to streamline your workflow, strengthen client relationships, gain valuable insights, and ultimately achieve sweet, sweet success.

Don't be afraid to explore different options, leverage free trials, and ask questions. There's no one-size-fits-all solution, so prioritize features that resonate with your unique challenges and goals.


  1. What software compares to HoneyBook?

Cone, Dubsado, ClickUp and 17hats are some of the alternatives that are comparable to HoneyBook.

  1. Is HoneyBook a good CRM?

Yes, for basic client management - HoneyBook is good. Consider more options like Hubspot, Insightly etc. for further needs. If you are looking for an all-in-one software for client management, task management, billing and invoicing - Cone is a great choice.

  1. Can You Use HoneyBook For Free?

HoneyBook provides free trial for 14 days. Paid plans start at $8/month. It's not a free software.

  1. Should I Use HoneyBook?

Whether HoneyBook fits depends on your specific needs and budget. Evaluate your needs such as client management, proposals needs, project and task management,  invoicing etc and evaluate the product and it's alternatives.

  1. How Do Pricing Structures Of The Alternatives Compare To HoneyBook?

It varies. Some alternatives are more affordable but might lack features. You can research individual platforms for best value.

  1. Are These Alternatives User-Friendly And Customizable?

Most offer user-friendly interfaces and some level of customization. Check individual platforms for details.

  1. Do The Alternatives Seamlessly Integrate With Other Tools?

Many integrate with popular tools like email marketing or accounting software. Verify specific integrations for each platform.