March 31, 2024
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Better Proposals vs Proposify: The Best Option to Choose in 2024?

Better Proposals vs Proposify: Explore Features, Pricing, Limitations, and More
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Juggling multiple documents, securing signatures, chasing down approvals, and formatting contracts manually—sounds familiar? If you were using proposal management software, you would never have to relate to this.

There are several proposal software, quoting tools, and proposal-to-payment solutions in the market. Amongst them, Better Proposals and Proposify are popular tools used widely by freelancers, marketers, advertising agencies, accounting firms, businesses, and more. For example, check out proposal software for freelancersproposal software for accountants, or best proposal software for small businesses.

Let’s deep dive into their features, limitations, pricing, and comparisons of the two popular tools, and then explore another compelling Proposal Software - Cone  that can automate your entire proposal lifecycle, invoicing and payments thus saving you time and never losing revenue.

What is Better Proposals?

Source:  Better Proposals

Better Proposals is a proposal management software that is meant to streamline the entire proposal creation workflow with tools like a smart document editor, pre-built templates, customizable branding, document management, team management, digital signatures, and payment. 

Better Proposals integrations help you sync your existing CRM tools, payment platforms, Zapier tools, live chat tools, and project management tools. This has made Better Proposals a popular choice for freelancers, agencies, sales, teams, service businesses, and more. 

Better Proposals features

Most of the Better Proposals reviews praise the platform's ease of use and effectiveness when it comes to impressing clients with stunning proposals. Here are some great features of the tool:

  • Reduce manual labor, save time, and ensure consistency: Customizable templates of various types like proposals, client sign-offs, contracts, quotes, job offers, statements of work, and online brochures help speed up the process of creating proposals.
  • Edit proposals in real-time: Collaboration features such as this one help you work seamlessly with your team, eliminating version control issues and delays.
  • Automate repetitive tasks: You can set up the tool to send reminders, chase approvals, and collect e-signatures.
  • Custom proposals: You can add logos, images, and videos to create visually appealing and engaging proposals.
  • E-signatures: You can request and collect signatures from clients electronically, streamlining (and speeding up) the approval process.
  • Track proposal performance: Get detailed analytics to identify areas for improvement.

Better Proposals pricing

  • Starter: $19/user per month
  • Premium:  $29/user per month
  • Enterprise:  $49/user per month

While Better Proposals is definitely a capable proposal software, there are few limitations, too. Here are some of the limitations of Better Proposals in comparison to other tools available in the market: 

  • Feature limitations: The tool lacks dynamic pricing tables or quotes for proposals. Also, the lack of customizations can make the experience limited for business users.
  • No direct integrations with accounting software: You need a third-party connector like Zapier to integrate the tool with your accounting software.
  • Lack of  invoicing and billing capabilities: It still leaves a gap for better workflow around automated invoicing and billing.
  • Limitations on # of documents sent per month: There is a limit on number of documents sent per month in the "Starter" and "Premium" plans to 50 and it might not be cost-effective for small businesses to pay 50$ per user/month for unlimited proposals.

What is Proposify?

Source: Proposify

Proposify is among the oldest proposal software on the market today. It provides a wide variety of features to help salespersons with end-to-end proposal management.

Mostly catering to B2B businesses, Proposify is a proposal software that helps you create beautiful proposals and send, track, and close deals faster. A great Better Proposals alternative, Proposify has three different software offerings: content & brand management, insights & analytics, and client management capabilities. 

With integrations with popular CRM tools like Salesforce, Hubspot, Stripe, Zapier, and more, this tool helps you explore and close deals within your internal pipeline. 

With Proposify, you get an intuitive proposal editor, plenty of customizations, and several integration options. 

Did we mention the mobile app? You can even add your chat app to proposals to communicate with clients in real time.

Proposify features

Let’s dive into the best features of Proposify and how it can help you and your business in multiple ways. 

  • A central content library: Pick from a wide variety of pre-made proposals, store and access pre-approved templates, and include snippets and images in your proposals.
  • Simple and streamlined workflow: The tool allows you to customize and personalize your proposals with just a few clicks and ship proposals faster.
  • Engaging proposal formats: Include interactive pricing tables, upload videos, and add brand colors to make your proposals more engaging and impressive for your prospects.
  • Proposal metrics and notifications: The real-time notifications and analytics give you insights into how your prospects interact with your proposals. You can also make decisions to follow up with them based on the notifications.

Proposify pricing

  • Team Plan: $49/user per month
  • Business Plan: Custom pricing

Proposify is a great tool, but it faces some of the same limitations as Better Proposals.

The pricing is on the steeper side, too. Starts at $49 per month.

Better Proposals Vs. Proposify: Comparative Review

At high-level, you may not find much difference between Better Proposals Vs Proposify. That’s why we’ve shared a deep comparative analysis of which one fares better when put against each other.

Both Better Proposals and Proposify are popular choices, especially with businesses. While they are good options, there are several other tools that offer much more. We’ve included Cone’s Proposal-to-Payment into the mix.

Better Proposals vs. Proposify vs. Cone

Better Proposals is ideal for small service business teams, freelancers, and individuals. Their affordable plans, stronger analytics, wider integrations, and more are focused on improving user-friendliness. Plus, they have a complete team management and client onboarding system in place and offer more templates than Better Proposals’s alternative–Proposify. 

Proposify is suited for mid-sized and large organizations that require complex proposal creation. It also has unique software offerings for franchise-based businesses. Their software has a bit of a learning curve when it comes to setting it up, and hence, they provide on-demand paid software training assistance for your team.  

The Ultimate Proposal Software You Didn’t Know About

An ideal proposal software doesn't just help you make proposals but will go beyond to empower you with tools that help you manage sales pipeline, onboard clients, track your relationship with clients, do billing and invoicing, and more! 

Let’s explore a software that does it better and does it cheaper.

Cone — An all-in-one platform 

Source: Cone

Create professional-looking, browser-ready proposals, utilize free pre-built templates, team up with a flexible editor, secure multiple e-signatures for contracts or agreements, track your deals and clients, automate payment or billing reminders, and even automate invoice generation and tackle billing –with the All-in-one Proposal and Billing Software

Create client-winning proposals 

Proposal Templates

Create your proposals from scratch or use free proposal templates available on Cone Proposal-to-Payment software to automate proposal creation for the industries or businesses you are selling your services to.

Use the flexible editor to build and deliver proposals in your brand tonality and even customize them with your company logo, colors, and unique aesthetics to win over clients with consistency and professionalism. 

Add legally binding e-signatures safely from multiple signatories on your proposals, contracts, and agreements. Optimized for any device, your clients can open, access, review, and sign the proposal while you monitor their activity in real time.

Robust pricing options

Cone offers flexible pricing options to price your services or products the way you want. It offers options like: Fixed, Per Unit(hour or individual or entity), Variant based. You can use these pricing methods to truly reflect the complexity of your services with ease.

Automate invoicing and billing

Know what you’re getting paid, the amount that is overdue, and streamline the entire payment cycle. This will help you boost your cash flow, automate invoicing and payment, and schedule automated reminders to clients.

Upfront payment info collected on proposal

Choose your preferred payment methods, such as CC/Debit cards and Direct Debit/ACH, among others, to help you get paid faster than ever. Utilize the in-built smart price quote tool to standardize pricing across the organization. 

Better Proposals Vs. Proposify: Who’s the winner?

Declaring a champion between Better Proposals and Proposify is difficult as they are both masters in their own areas.

For affordability and ease of use, Better Proposals shines. Its user-friendly interface, affordable pricing, and focus on streamlined workflows make it a great choice for freelancers and small-scale businesses.

Proposify takes the lead on design and advanced features.  It boasts extensive design customization options, white-labeling capabilities, and robust analytics in higher tiers, catering to mid-sized and large enterprises.

Choose what you need by conducting free trials and demos, which both these platforms offer!

Alternatively, if you’d like to automate the entire proposal generation to invoicing and billing workflow, Cone is a great alternative to both Better Proposals and Proposify - at 10$ per user/month

Cone is similar to Better Proposals when it comes to modern UX and simplicity in feature workflows. At the same time, like Proposify, this tool doesn’t shy away from advanced customizations and provides a wide range of templates.

Also, Cone allows you to send proposals in under 10 seconds, saving you up to 40 hours every month and stepping up your bottom-line metrics by over 27% in the process.

How awesome is that!

Sign up on Cone and get all of these features and more! 


1. Is Proposify worth it?

Proposify is a capable proposal management tool for businesses that prioritize design-centric proposals and advanced features like white-labeling and comprehensive analytics. 

However, its higher price point compared to competitors like Cone’s Proposal-to-Payment suite and others might be a deterrent for some. 

2. Is Better Proposals free?

Better Proposals offers a free trial, but it's not free to use. The free trial allows you to explore the platform's features and functionality for a limited time, typically 14 days. However, after the trial period ends, you'll need to subscribe to a paid plan to continue using the service.

3. What are the benefits of Proposify?

Proposify offers several benefits, particularly for businesses prioritizing

  • Visually appealing proposals and extensive design customization options
  • Professional branding and white-labeling for a consistent brand experience
  • Data-driven insights and robust analytics and reporting in higher tiers
  • Streamlined workflows and real-time collaboration for efficiency
  • Advanced features such as integrations with popular CRMs and marketing tools

However, be mindful of the higher cost compared to some of its alternatives.